Some quick shout-outs to old friends I grew up with from the neighborhood.  I wanted you to know that I miss each and every one of you.   There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you.


I miss attending Holy Name with you.  I miss hanging out in the schoolyard playing ball.   I miss the nights meeting up after dinner on the park side and breaking everyone’s balls.  Hanging out in Prospect Park and most of all, in the winter time hanging out in the subway. I miss the nights of playing poker on the sidewalk.  I can’t forget about the many nights hanging out in everyone’s apartments, hallways and basements.  They were special times.  The music we listened to.  The arguments, the laughing and most of all, just being there for each other.

I feel this was one of the best group of friends a teenager could ever have.

John Cain, Sean and Mickey Riley, Speed, Pepe Fis, Jon-Jon, Eddie Fifield, Jimmy Cullen, Tommy Brick, Donato B., Johnny Mac, Paulie Ramos, Johnny G., Kevin Molloy, Julian, James C. and Robert Moran. I miss hanging out with Mary K, Maureen H.and Maureen D., Franny Cagino, Tammy, Doris, Laura, Karen A., Karen C., Lisa, Noreen, Maria, Patricia D., Janice, the late Joanne, and Michael VT.

Hope all is well