As a kid growing up in the neighborhood we played sports in the Lot, the schoolyards and the street.  We played whiffle ball, baseball, softball, basketball, football, hockey and stickball. We loved the pro and college athletes that we would watch on TV.

Whether you were working on a batting stance or shooting a jump shot, the pro athletes were always on our mind.

I recently saw a list of favorite athletes from different cities around the country. NYC obviously was a huge spot for great teams and athletes over the years. Many to choose from.


This was hard but looking back, here’s my top five favorite athletes of all-time who played in New York City:

1-Micheal Ray Richardson

2-Derek Jeter

3-Lawrence Taylor

4-Chris Mullin

5-(Three-Way Tie) Mark Messier, Walt Frazier and Giorgio Chinaglia



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21 Responses to BIG APPLE ATHLETE

  1. Frank papa says:

    These Lists Are Always So Difficult…Hard Not To Include Donnie Baseball Or Ewing

  2. Mark. Sabbagh says:

    Steve, didn’t you run into Micheal Ray Richardson in Burger King on Rt17? I think we were on our way to Greenwood lake .

    • hoopscoach says:


      Hey man, great to hear from you. Hope all is well. We were in your car at the time; you had a fresh, red sports car.

      You have a great memory!

      Hope everyone is well.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    Loved Micheal Ray’s game..would have been a HOFer for sure,,,,,He would have been Magic to Ewing’s Kareem,

  4. Al Powers says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t have Willis Reed in your list.

  5. Mr. Guest says:

    I think that you have to include Brian Mullen, who played for the Rangers, Not as talented as his brother Joey, but these guys both made it to the NHL growing up in Hell’s Kitchen and spending the majority of their hockey career playing roller hockey on 49th St. and ended up playing against each other in the NHL all star game! That is like making it to the majors while only playing stickball as a kid.

    • hoopscoach says:

      Yeah, go ahead, name your other 4 favorite…

      • Mr. Guest says:

        Well, here are my 10, with a bias to players who also grew up in the area
        Chris Mullin uneffinbelievable player…….check out this tribute to his 5oth bday.

        LT- greatest football player I ever saw, not a great guy though, although met him once and he was cool.

        Johnny McEnroe – 4 years number one in the world…….and as New York as they come. Who else got you to follow tennis for the two weeks of the Open.

        John Franco – another local guy with a great career, a NY attitude and a guy with average size, like most of us, loved the game.

        Tom Seaver – He was the best back in the day.

        Clyde – Too cool and a great player.
        Willis Reed – The heart of the 69 -73 Knicks

        Ron Greshner – He had a long career with the Rangers and was a really solid defenseman when I was growing up and enjoyed the nightlife…….

        Eamon McEnaney – Lacrosse hasnt really taken off in the city, but Elmont borders NYC, so we ll include him. but this guy was great and, unfortunately, lost in 9/11. This video compares him to Magic!

        Mike Tyson- In his prime, he was good

      • hoopscoach says:

        Mr. Guest, very good and thanks.

        Do we know you?


  6. Glenn Thomas says:

    Joe Namath?

  7. Glenn Thomas says:

    I like Mr. Guest’s list. He put a lot of thought into that! Impressive even if one disagrees or agrees with him.

  8. Jim F says:

    Micheal Ray had one of the best quotes ever, at a point during the season when the Knicks were imploding: “This ship be sinkin”

    • hoopscoach says:


      It was right after they lost to the 76ers and basically were eliminated from making the playoffs. Sugar was on the cover of the Post in a leather jacket/cap; very distressed.

  9. Mudge says:

    Heres a list from the old guy on the blog Y.A.TITTLE DAVE DA BUSCHER DUKE SNIDER GIL HODGERS SAM HUFF. Iam.sure I screwed up the spelling on Dave the rave

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