As a young boy attending Holy Name of Jesus Grammar School, I hated Monday’s.

It always seemed like the night before I could never fall asleep.  Watching TV, hanging out on the corner, the schoolyard…I just didn’t have the urge to hit the hay.


I’d get about four hours sleep so when it was time to get up for school, oh boy!

Mom would yell and scream at me to get up out of that bed as I heard the school-bell ringing across the street.

Most mornings I skipped breakfast because I was running late.

Some mornings she would pass me an English Muffin as I walked out the door, half asleep.

Hate to say it but I’m sure there were mornings where I forgot to brush my teeth too. I know, that’s gross.  I probably ignored my hair too.

I bet if we looked back I was not only tardy more than any other student at Holy Name but Monday’s, well, I bet I was late every Monday for the eight years.

Now, my mantra is, “Don’t Be on Time, Be Early!”