Mike Patino has been posting outstanding images on Facebook.  I highly recommend you join the Holy Name Alumni group on Facebook.  Or, just friend Mike and I’m sure you can find it.

Mike has given me permission to post the images.  So here goes a few more.  Be sure to double-click on the image.

Recognize the store?

L and J Bakery

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7 Responses to OLD SCHOOL

  1. tony fasano says:

    Was the old L&J bakery

  2. Maureen Rice says:


  3. Jim Sullivan says:

    Thanks for the tip…I just looked at the HN Alummi FB site. People should definetly check it out. I can’t believe the memories some folks have been blest with. They are picking out little kids they haven’t seen in 40-years and naming them correctly. There is even a posting from HN’s super sub-teacher Mr. Verzi!

  4. tony fasano says:

    L&J Stood for Laura and John, the original owners. then Lauras brother Herky (real name Hercules) took it over. I worked there when I was a Kid

  5. Mary Anne (Brick) Monaco says:

    Hey Tony,
    Actually Herky’s real name was Enrico Lots of good times in that bakery!
    Hope you are well!

  6. tony fasano says:

    Mary Anne,
    We did have a lot of good times there. And I remeber always have a great conversation with your dad (Big Jim) everytime I saw him he was a true gentleman and of course worked with you mom Rita a true Irish Lady

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