Not a fan of news like this but I often get the notice via e-mail on the passing of someone from the neighborhood so I’m glad to share with everyone.

Lifelong South Brooklyn resident Jimmy McGovern has passed away suddenly at his sister Wanda’s home in Livingston Manor, NY.

Jim, who was 62 was recovering from medical issues and was thought to be “on the mend.” Jim attended Holy Name then later went to St. Francis Prep.

Funeral Home : A. Azzara Funeral Home, 183 Sand Lane, Staten Island , NY, 10305.  Telephone: 718-727-1440 (bet.Father Cappadano Blvd & Cedar Ave)
Viewing Date(s) / Time(s) : Wednesday July 10,2013 7:00 to 9:00PM
Thursday July 11,2013 2:00 to 4:00PM & 7:00 to 9:00PM

Funeral Mass & Church : 10:30AM, Friday July 12,2013: Holy Rosary Church , 80 Jerome Ave, Staten Island ,NY 10305 718-727-3360 (bet McClean Ave & Kramer St)

Interment to follow Mass :
Ocean View Cemetery: 3315 Amboy Road ,Staten Island ,NY 10306
718-351-1870 (bet Buffalo St & Spratt Ave)

Thank You,
Tony Mangione

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14 Responses to REST IN PEACE

  1. bob terry says:

    Jimmy McGovern was one of the 50 boys in my class @ Holy Name. He actually lived below 7th Avenue in St. Stanislaw’s parish. For 8 years @ Holy Name, we walked home together since we both went the same way; I lived on 16th between 7th & 8th. The last time I saw Jimmy was @ graduation in 1964. I am very sorry to hear about his passing.

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    Although I don’t think that I ever met this man I’d like to send my condolences to his family and loved ones. May Jimmy rest in peace and may our Lord grant him eternal salvation.

  3. Gene says:

    My prayers are with the Family.
    Steve I know that this is a Blog about your past and present but I Thank You for this type of Post. You have many more readers then Posters so the news spreads quickly. I know for me just hearing the names on the different posts brings back memories. Your talking about someone that may be younger or older doesn’t matter it seems that if I didn’t know them my brothers or Sisters would have. The family names of the neighborhood goes on and on for 3, 4, 5 generations or more.

  4. mike slavin says:


  5. Kenny Whelan says:

    The McGoverns had places up in Hunter Lake, NY. My father’s side of the family also had summer “mansions” there also. The McGoverns were related to my uncle’s wife. Jimmy was a good guy. My thoughts to his brother Peter and his sister Wanda.

  6. Ralph Sblendorio says:

    I know Jimmy McGovern in the days hanging out in the park slop area we had good times nand he made us laugh and loved to joke around he is nice
    guy,we well all miss him my God Bless him four every.
    My Pal I will miss you Ralph, Sblendorio. I will pray for you Jimmy R.I.P.

  7. tommy mcgivney says:

    jimmy the plumber from 15st was a good friend of mine.there is alot of mcgoverns in the neighborhood and just to make sure,my friend jimmy had a son named butchie.we’d do the frog leg joke at nathans in coney island when butch was a kid.i remember jimmy smoked cigars and got me a job on prospect and 8th ave renovating an 8 family apt.building.god bless him,he was great guy.

  8. Al says:

    I remember Jimmy from way back, when he was in his teens and early twenties. I lived on the same street as the McGovern family, and played with his younger brother, Peter. Jimmy was a couple of years older than us, and always a bundle of energy, with a very expressive face that he used—mime-like— to accentuate his speech. I recall one time a few of us were playing skelsies (remember that?) on the street right in front of their house. (Skelsies, for those who have forgotton, was that game where you drew numbered boxes, with chalk, on the street, and used bottle caps (remember those?) to flick into the numbered boxes. Whoever finished first won. Some of us melted crayon wax into some bottlecaps to make them heavier, so they could “blast” the other caps off the board.) That day, Jimmy came out, noticed us, and stopped to talk. Somehow the conversation got to schoolwork and math, and Jimmy, excited to show us what he was explaining, grabbed the chalk and started writing and solving very complicated high school mathematical equations, right there on the street, next to the skelsies boxes. By the time he was finished, he had covered an area of perhaps twenty feet by 6 feet with algebraic equations, and had verbally explained every step as he solved the problems. I was blown away at his ability to do that, especially since math was not my favorite subject. His sister Wanda came out and just laughed and laughed.

    When Jimmy was about 19 or 20 he bought a brand new, rust-colored, Chrysler muscle car (can’t recall the model) with a powerful “Hemi” engine. That was one of the fastest stock cars that you could purchase around that time. He was so proud of that car, boasting of its speed, and kept it spanking clean and polished at all times. He would sometimes take it for a run on the NYS Thruway late on a Friday or Saturday night, with a few friends, to show its potential. At 1 or 2 in the morning, they would find an empty straightaway there, and open that baby up, to let that Hemi roar and rip.

    I left the neighborhood around 1975 and never saw Jimmy after that.

    • Tony Mangione says:

      HI Al ! Thank you for your terrific retrospective regarding my life-long friend James Mc Govern…Normally I probably would not’ve replied to one persons comment regarding James but the math skelsies incident you quote was probably took place around the time that James had worked for Diners Club an early credit card company he worked for right after High School…We all hung out and I was familiar with his whole family ,perhaps you remember Frans Candy Store on 7th ave.between the Health Station and Gils Liquor Store or Artie Gutters Shoe Store ?The car you talked about was a 1968 Plymouth GTX sedan cheapo Plain Jane model deep copper/rust color which was really a Factory Racer because of it’s light weight and underated horsepower rating of 425 With as you recollect a 426 Hemi Head Engine with two four barell Carter Carburators and a 3 speed Torqueflite Transmission. James myself and Ralph(see his comment above)were together the day Jimmy bought the car from a Dealer on Hylan Blvd. in Staten Island and Jim drove home in the GTX and I rode shotgun over the Verrazano – Narrows Bridge (25 or 50 cents) Ralph tried to follow us on the Gowanus in his “69 Chrysler 300 440 cid but was lost in transit as James laid into the beast ,my God 100 mph in the blink of the eye scary ! That car was legendary in our lives but was short-lived on account some car thief had taken within 6 months of Jims ownership…It was hard to own a nice car or even mag wheels back then .My friend Jim was never right after he lost that auto believe it or not ..Anyway I just thought I would review comments that were posted on this site (container diaries) regarding James this evening after I had posted news of a crowdfunding for another friend currently awating a liver transplant .The devils in the GTX you wrote about i couldn’t not write you back…I think I found online a link that is identicial to Jims auto…!/ You will have to cut and paste for memory lane ! ! I know you are wondering by now who this is ? I’m Jims Goombada Tony Mangione who had posted jims passing originally inJuly last . I had spoke to my God daughter Joan Marie Materano / McGovern yes Jimmys Daughter the other day and says that she still cannot believe he is no longer with us . Well I hope this recollection was enjoyable to you / yours as it was to me and any comments are welcome….who knows maybe the GTX Thief will come out ! TM And Thanks to the Blogger Hoops for keeping up the good work ! Indeed .

      • hoopscoach says:


        Great stuff man. Love reading your stories…

        Hope all is well.


      • Tony Mangione says:

        Hey Thanks for the + + comment Red regards to you too !…I had one sentence that I needed re-editing but at 1:00am and the light blue color of the comment area I had missed it until I read the actual comment in darker print .As it said in the story I was blown away bout Al’s recollection of Jims GTX so I had and was lucky to find a link with a perfect matching GTX in the Rust color ,boy I went to sleep with a thoughtful grin last night after penning in my reply to Al .It struck me that Al’s comment was posted many months after Jims passing,for sure our friend Jimmy was a unforgetable character in fact we all were characters ! I’m hoping that Al happens to see / read my reply to his gracious comments about Jim .and enjoys the picture link i compiled or maybe he is a subscriber and he will automatically see my reply . Thanks Coach for keeping such a personable blog and sounding board for all to share especially The Farrells Alumni and also the existing and former Neighborhood People…Oh Yeah ! See you @ the re-union .TM

      • hoopscoach says:

        Tony M,

        You’re the man…

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