Congratulations to my main man Gerard Trapp formerly of Howard Place.  This past Friday night, Gerard was inducted into the Holy Name Hall of Fame.  Well done my man!

Gerard Trapp HNS

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12 Responses to GT EXPRESS

  1. jimmyvac says:

    Congrats Gerald… well deserved..

  2. mike slavin says:

    way to go gerard

  3. Jack Kelly says:

    Congratulations Gerard….You’re one of the good guys and you’ve been in my Hall Of Fame since the first time we played together on Farrells.

  4. Eddie Keyes says:

    Happy for you Gerard !

  5. Gary Lang says:

    Way to go Cous!

  6. connie nugent says:

    Congrats to my old childhood friend, my first pal on Howard Place when I was 3 and he was 4. He was always a good egg.

    • G Trapp says:

      Thanks Redman, Gary, Eddie, Mike, Jimmy, Jack and Connie for the congrats, had a great night, event is always a good time, got to see a lot of old friends and faces i haven’t seen in 20-30 yrs. Hope all is well with everyone! Connie, nice surprise to see you on the Diaries, heard you are on Howard Place, I’m jealous.- Gerard

      • connie nugent says:

        Gerard, yep back on the old homestead about 14 yrs now. Still a good neighborhood, as u know. Can’t say I like the family that moved in to your old house.
        Most other neighbors are fine and, we recently got 2 new young families on the block with a few kids that actually go out and play. Schoolyard got rid of the metal backboards on the sole remaining middle court, now fiberglass and they are super quiet. Mom and Pat passed away several years back so it is just me and Rich. Rich said he ran in to u at Windsor Diner a few months ago. I run into your sister Kathy from time to time, she looks great. Mrs. Corrigan still going, she is awseome.
        Have u checked out Alumni Holy Name of Jesus, Brooklyn on FB? Check it out, just came across it the other night.

      • hoopscoach says:

        Thanks for checking in Connie…

        Howard Place sure has changed, last time I was back I walked down the street not once but twice and didn’t see anyone outside.

  7. connie nugent says:

    When your a kid you think things will never change, when your an adult you just want to know what is going to change next and will you be ready for the next phase.

    • hoopscoach says:


      That is good stuff. As a kid I was clueless as to what was ahead in the future; no one ever tells you these things.

  8. Andrew Purdy says:

    Congrats Gerard….can’t think of anyone more deserving.

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