A couple of years ago while strolling alone on the avenue I picked up an outstanding book in Babbo’s.  After a six year run, Babbo’s has closed shop and been replaced with “Terrace Books.”

Terrace Books Sign

Thank heavens the joint will still be selling books.  The owner of Babbo’s, Leonora was cool.  When I visited for the first time she was very cordial and helped me in the sports section.

Here’s the link to the new store.  Make sure you get over there and tell them, “Red from Container Diaries sent ya!”



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5 Responses to BOOK ‘EM, DAN-O

  1. tony fasano says:

    I have a load of used books of all titles. Will they be interested in buying them?

  2. tony fasano says:

    You got a phone number for them, I couldnt find one? they have no “contact us’ on their site.

  3. hoopscoach says:

    Tony, I found this; We’re not open yet, but please check back with us soon. At the moment, we are not taking any new books.

    For inquiries, contact Community Bookstore at 718-783-3075 or stephanie at communitybookstore dot net.

  4. tony fasano says:

    thanks Steve and have a great weekend.

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