We can all agree that one of the staples of our amazing neighborhood was the families!

The Rafferty’s from down on 10th avenue were no exception;  they were cool people. I went to school with Diane, she was aces.

Sports, Holy Name, the schoolyard, parkside, Mass on Sunday’s, music, weed, booze and fighting were the popular themes in and around the neighborhood. Good or bad, we learned life-long lessons.

John Rafferty


My man John Rafferty, who was always a music guy is kicking ass in the industry; writing songs, playing the guitar and singing.

And who better to write about him than another one of our very own, Tommy Gerbasi of the NY Music Examiner.

Click here to read a great piece on John.

I love this quote from John.

“How you get from where we went from and where we are today, for me personally, that’s where that started. Pete Townshend was everything.”

Good luck John, keep kickin’ ass!



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