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With it being the month of May, it only means one thing when it comes to college. Commencement of course!

I will never forget the day I told my mother Carol that I was moving from Brooklyn to Michigan.

It was the spring of 1996. We were standing on 11th Avenue between Prospect Avenue and Sherman Street.

Me: “Mom, I’m moving to Michigan.”

Mom: “Why are you moving to Michigan?”

Me: “So I can attend college.”

Mom: “What? Why do you wanna go to college?”

Seven years later I had my undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University!

Ten years ago this week was a proud moment in my life.  It was the second proudest day of my life (the first was in 1999; my daughter Taylor was born).

How do you explain a high school dropout in the 80’s turning the corner and getting their college degree in 2003?

It took hard work but it can be done.

The day I walked and received my college diploma well, it changed my life.

Ever think of going back to school?

I highly recommend it.  You can thank me later…

Good luck!