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This morning on Facebook my good friend, Art Bernstein, A.K.A. “Jazzy Art” posted an article from Esquire Magazine written by Kareem Abdul-Jabber. “Cap” mentioned 20 things he wish he knew when he was 30 years old. It’s basically a blueprint on wishing he had done a few things differently. Don’t we all fall under that category? I know I do.

Would I love to go back, back into time and have the wisdom and knowledge I have now.

Click here to read Kareem’s list. It’s a great read, trust me.


For today’s blog entry I decided to post my own version. I’ll stick to 11 things I wish I knew when I was a teenager that I know now.

1-How to Love:

The first girl who ever took an interest in me fell in love with me. Unfortunately I thought I loved her but I had no idea what it meant to love someone. Maureen Horan was the best. She was beautiful. Tall, confident, gorgeous smile and always there for me. But I screwed it up at the age of 17.

2-Work Ethic:

I had zero work ethic. I was lazy.  I quit way too many jobs as a teen.

3-Study Harder:

Every day after school we make sure our 14 year-old daughter gets her homework done. I wish I had paid more attention to the message when I was a student at Holy Name.

4-Spent More Time Playing Basketball:

Yes, believe it or not, I wish I would have spent a little bit more time on the hardwood.  More so working on the fundamentals.

5-Been More Respectful of Adults:

I had a bad habit of disrespecting authority; mainly adults. Starting with my mom right down to my teachers at Holy Name.

6-Less Hanging Out:

Oh boy, I spent way too much time hanging out on the parkside, in the schoolyard and on the corner. Time management was “mis-managed.” 


Oh baby! This is one trait I was clueless about. I gave up so easy. When things go rough, I gave in. When it got hot in the kitchen, I was out the window and down the fire escape faster than a thief in the night.

8-The Importance of a Good Education:

No one in my family went to college. Shit they barely went to high school! It was my dream to play basketball for St. Francis College. I wanted to follow in Gerard Trapp’s footsteps! I missed out on high school. 

9-Spent More Time with my Grandfather:

On my mom’s side of the family, Ray Corbett, one of New York’s most influential labor leaders who headed the state A.F.L.-C.I.O. for 22 years. “Grandpa Ray” would do anything for you; he was a generous man but a tough guy to figure out.  I was scared of him. I bet he had a lot of wisdom to share. A favorite quote of mine from him, “Don’t put yourself down before they do.”

10-Went to Sleep Earlier/Got Out of Bed Earlier:

A reason why I was probably always tired and tardy. 

11-Seeked out Advice: There were so many knowledgable people in the neighborhood.  Not once did I ever ask someone how to do this or how to do that?