There has been some exciting work being done to the front of the church recently. The original wooden window frames on all the upper windows have been replaced with custom-made aluminum frames with energy-efficient glass. Several months ago, while the church restoration plans were in their earliest stages, the members of the Buildings Committee identified this project as one that needed immediate attention. There was a risk that we could lose the church’s beautiful stained glass windows.

HN Church windows

So, as Holy Namers so often do, a plan was made. A donor was found who was willing to pay for the custom frames that would be needed. The Buildings Committee carefully removed each and every piece of stained glass from the huge rose window and the other arched windows from the front of the church. All of the stained glass was carefully packaged and is now be lovingly restored by one of Holy Name’s talented craftsmen. With the new window frames installed, over the next few months the restored stained glass windows will be replaced.

This is the first major sign that our restoration plans are gearing up towards being in full swing! Building on the excellent work that Fr. Jim started with some parts of the exterior already, the window project upgrades significant elements of the infrastructure that more beautify our church and will enhance our spiritual identify in ways not seen with the old window style. With our enhanced lighting plan, the Rose Window will be again the major focal point it was intended to be in 1878. Most people have never really seen or been able to appreciate the images that make up the Rose Window. With this work, they now will. Below the Rose Window, the three cathedral style windows will frame newly redesigned stained glass images of our Blessed Mother, Jesus and St. Joseph salvaged from our Brother’s House.

Many thanks to everyone who is working on this project. It is just another example of what we can accomplish when we all work together.