This is a great time of year if you are a basketball fan.

The NCAA tournament begins this Thursday. ESPN has a documentary running on the late Jim Valvano. It brings back so many memories for this basketball junkie.

Rewind to 1983; NCAA championship between NC State and the University of Houston.

It was a late Monday morning when I was walking across ninth avenue on my way to Pynn’s deli for a buttered roll and a coffee light and sweet.  Out of nowhere Joey Corrar stops me. The guy was like Whodini, he was everywhere!

“HEY FINAMORE, KEEP AN EYE ON VALVANO AND THE WOLFPACK TONIGHT!” He shouted to me the afternoon of the title game between the Wolfpack and the Cougars.

Joey Corrar

I don’t recall anyone giving NC State a chance that night; not even me.  But Joey gave NC State a chance.  From the enthusiasm in his voice, he loved their chances.

A few hours later, we all know what happened that night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jimmy V’s squad upset Guy Lewis’ Cougars.

The Wolfpack won the National Championships.

Jim Valvano and Joey Corrar, rest in peace!



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10 Responses to JIMMY V. and JOEY C.

  1. jimmy vac says:

    That was one of the most exciting games I ever saw, college or pro. I was rooting for the Wolfpack but if I had to put money on the game, my money would have been on Houston. I remember people thought Valvano would have his team play a set up offense to slow Houston down.. instead he told his team to come out running.. Sad that Lorenzo Charles who put the winning basket in with no time left, died so young also.. Jimmy V was entertaining and fun but a heck of a coach also…

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    I remember that! Joey was reminding everyone up in the HN Summer League that following summer about his winning pick. The Cardiac Pack! Not too many people know that the NC State Wolfpack had to win the ACC Tournament in order to just have gotten the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament for their regular season record was so poor. I believe that they had to beat Virginia with Sampson and UNC in order to win the ACC Tournament although not sure about UNC.

  3. dpc65 says:

    Same here!!! Excitement with a capital “E!” It seemed that during a stretch in the 1980s, there were college teams, such as NC State under Valvano, as well as Villenova’s upset over Patrick Ewing’s Georgetowne team. Anyone who remember who Villenova’s coach was? I just remember that stretch including like teams who lost 7 or 8 games during the regular season (unusual for a NCAA champion) going on to win in March Madness!!!

  4. dpc65 says:

    And Joey C was alright!!! I remember, around 1991 or 1992, when Joey was in his early to mid 40s, poking his head in the bagel shop when I was getting my morning coffee and shouting “Dave, you going to the meeting tonite?” Although, I guarded my anonymity, I didn’t mind Joey making me less anonymous… RIP, Joey C

  5. TonyF16th St says:

    Steve I’m thinking Villanova all the way. Conzaga and Nova with Nova coming out the victor. This ought to stir up the pot

  6. jimmy vac says:

    What was amazing that Houston had two of the top 50 NBA players who were also two of the best ever at their positions in Hakeem and the Glide as well as other good players . That game is an example of how great team play can overcome great individual talent.

  7. jimmy vac says:

    Those are two other great examples..Two other great examples.
    . .In our high school league, there were a couple of teams that were more athletic than us, Delahanty…. but we beat them more than they beat us because we passed, defended, and made our free throws.. I notie all the Ford guys were good passers as well.. I get nuts when I see guys hitting fingers after missing a free throw,, we were told to bear down and make it in no uncertain terms…What do you think of the Fab Five?

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