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This is a great time of year if you are a basketball fan.

The NCAA tournament begins this Thursday. ESPN has a documentary running on the late Jim Valvano. It brings back so many memories for this basketball junkie.

Rewind to 1983; NCAA championship between NC State and the University of Houston.

It was a late Monday morning when I was walking across ninth avenue on my way to Pynn’s deli for a buttered roll and a coffee light and sweet.  Out of nowhere Joey Corrar stops me. The guy was like Whodini, he was everywhere!

“HEY FINAMORE, KEEP AN EYE ON VALVANO AND THE WOLFPACK TONIGHT!” He shouted to me the afternoon of the title game between the Wolfpack and the Cougars.

Joey Corrar

I don’t recall anyone giving NC State a chance that night; not even me.  But Joey gave NC State a chance.  From the enthusiasm in his voice, he loved their chances.

A few hours later, we all know what happened that night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jimmy V’s squad upset Guy Lewis’ Cougars.

The Wolfpack won the National Championships.

Jim Valvano and Joey Corrar, rest in peace!