I wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Farrell's Indoor Sign

Thinking back, I recall attending the St. Patrick’s day parade over in Manhattan.

We’d hop on the F- train early in the morning. I think we even skipped school?

There was about 25-30 of us to start but for some strange reason on the way back after a long day, there’d only be a handful of us remaining.

We always found a way to get separated.

Food and booze were a big part of the celebration. Green beer and green pizza! I recently saw where Dunkin’ Donuts is serving green coffee. I’ll pass on that one.

Girls at Farrell's

As for the celebration in the neighborhood, there was the Irish-American day parade. It was always a great day. I recall standing alongside the parade route and watching everyone walk by.

I never had the opportunity to join the marchers. Not really sure if I had any interest to tell you the truth.  I have the image of Tom Cuite majority leader of the city council as the Grand Marshal and always seeing Joe Ferris waving to us as he walked by. “Look, he does like me!”

The parade would start at the circle and head down 15th street making a right turn on 7th avenue. (Or was it 8th avenue?) I’m not sure how far it went but I do know that it turned back up and came along the parkside all the way back to the circle.

As teenagers we’d sit on the wall or the benches cheering the bagpipes.

Weren’t they the best?

As I got older, they became my alarm clock earlier that morning as some of them parked in the girls schoolyard and practiced right out on the avenue, outside my apartment. Thanks a lot guys…

I always thought they looked silly in their kilts at the time but when I look back, and I have matured – I think they look great in them! If Mel Gibson can wear one, so can I.

The sounds of the bagpipes playing at the Irish American Day parade will always be in my head…


Enjoy the day and drink responsibly.

Remember, don’t drink and drive!

Be safe…



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15 Responses to ERIN GO BRAGH!

  1. jimmy vac says:

    Great day in the hood.. Hung out at my cousin’s house on WIndsor while the younger crowd came back to the house.. Among the marchers was my sister Ann Marie and Red Slavin.(for the VFW). t’was a great day!!!

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    I was hobbling up on PPW today with my daughter for the Irish American Parade. I had a rough knee surgery. I made it for an hour an made it home. I just wanted to wish everyone on the blog a very Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. The Jackie Kelly’s, Steve Finamore’s, cousin Jim Vackner’s and to anyone I missed. TonyF16thSt.

  3. sal capatasto...capo says:

    hey steve do you have a brother named john. I use too pal around with him back in my Brooklyn days. I lived on 15st btw 8 n 9 th ave.. love reading the stories they take me back too a great part of my life… miss my Brooklyn days…happy st,patrick day.. my nickname was capo, im trying too get in touch with tommy “roachy”ryan. if you run into him let em know im thinking bout em…thanks.. love the blog…

    • hoopscoach says:

      Yes, John is my older brother. I remember you…

      • sal capatasto...capo says:

        hope all is well with him, glad you responded to my question. gonna b in the old niebhorhood in april. gonna hit farrells for a cold one. wanted to let tommy ryan know… hey you might as well stop in too. this shit is too cool..its been like 30+ yrs since ive been there. I live outside of philly…

    • Mike larkin says:

      Tommy Ryan is on facebook. I think he lives upstate New York.. I remember the boys of 15th street.Patrick Laface, Kevin Baggitt, Robert Lang. Michael Cronin and Anthony i forget his last name.

      • sal capatasto...capo says:

        hey mike you have a cousin name Kathy soffing, don’t know if i spelled it correctly.. was a nice girl we use to talk a lot…

      • sal capatasto...capo says:

        thanks mike, i got in touch wit him… hey those names u mentioned bring back some great times i had back in the day…

      • Mike larkin says:

        Kathy Soffing is on Facebook also. I went to kindergarten with her. Everyone thought that because her mother’s maiden name is the same as mine but we are not related. Hey Sal, that was one crazy block. The times we spent in Holy Name were good times.

  4. Joan (Ferraro) Hanvey says:

    I haven’t heard the name Thomas Cuite in a long time. His daughter was in my graduating class of ’59 when I had Sr. Aurelia as my teacher. I used to go home crying practically every day during lunch time because of her meanness but Cuite’s daughter (forgot her name) would talk back to her. I was completely amazed over this because I was sooo scared!!!

  5. richie k says:

    hey capo, tommy is on facebook if u want to get in touch with him, u may not remember me, but we took a couple of chevy’s to grady for a while lollllllll, remember the camping trip up at bear mountain, with anthony disponzio, ter cregg, rob amitrano, etc, i lived on sherman street, your uncle worked in p.s. 154

    • sal capatasto...capo says:

      holy shit Richie, hows life bro. those chevys got me a one way ticket to jersey. my pops who is still with us said that’s it were moving to new jersey.. good times my man…

  6. richie k says:

    o yeah, to bad we can’t all go back about 35-40 years, don’t think i would do anything different lollllllll

    • sal capatasto...capo says:

      hey I got in touch wit tommy ryan n timmy cain thanks for the info…stay well n in contact il b on here more often.. b well ole friend..

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