Thanks to Rob Langton for the image.

68 Bus Sign

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17 Responses to HOP ON THE BUS, GUS

  1. Bklyn64 says:

    You’re welcome, Steve.

  2. TonyF16th St says:

    Took that bus for 4 years. From 10th Ave to the last stop Brighton Beach

    • hoopscoach says:


      Where on the bus did you sit?

      I know every time I hopped on the 68 I tried to sit in the back, next to a window!

  3. jimmyvac says:

    i took the B69 to Fort Greene for high school.. tried to always sit in the back.
    I took the B68 occassionally to go to a movie. If we went bowling or had baseball, I usually walked…

  4. John Langton says:

    Used to take it when there was a Holy Name after-school bowling league. Good times!

  5. TonyF16th St says:

    Never had a problem getting a seat and I always sat in the back passenger side of the bus.
    Hey Joe how are you? Yeah we did have a lot of guys doing that trip.

  6. John Langton says:

    If I recall correctly, that was the bus that Al Collura tragically was killed on while “skitching”.

  7. richie k says:

    the Grady special lolllllllllllllll

  8. jimmyvac says:

    The best thing about those days was no stinking cell phones on the bus.. you could take a nap at the risk of missing your stop….

  9. TonyF16th St says:

    Thats right John Al Was killed on the back of the 68. And Richie it was only the special coming home. They used to destroy that bus on a daily basis. They would kick the windows out and then we would get thrown off and have to hope another bus would pick us up.

  10. Glenn Thomas says:

    Steve, do you remember that we were coming back on the 18th Avenue Bus on our way home from New Utrecht HS and Ty Cobb’s Basketball practice where some guys on our team were acting up and really upsetting the bus driver? After repeated requests for us to calm down, the bus driver ignored our signal to stop and took us 2 extra stops down Coney Island Avenue southbound.. We had to walk back up on a cold winter night to 18th Avenue for our transfer was only good at that stop/change. just across the street northbound 68 Coney Island Avenue Bus. The very next night we encounter the bus driver again and he says to us something like “Hi guys are we going to behave tonight?”. I remember that all was calm after that. Old school bus driver! He sure taught our team something!

  11. richie k says:

    your right Tony, coming home only, i remember the whole bus being driven to the police precient, i think we got JD cards if i remember thats what they called them, its amazing what they did to those buses

  12. jimmyvac says:

    Now parents would sue the driver for mental anguish!!

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