The Buildings Committee is happy to announce that our campaign is off to a terrific start.

This past weekend, Fr. Jim gave an exciting introductory presentation at all the Masses about our project, ” The Restoration of Holy Name of Jesus Church, 135 years – Fulfilling Our Vision”.  His talk, interrupted several times with rounds of applause and cheers excited everyone in attendance. (I even heard he gave “Container Diaries” a shout out!)


A total of $600,000 has been raised thus far which is 40% of the goal. The campaign goal is $1.5 million dollars.

We invite you to join us, your help is needed to achieve this dream that has been in the making for more than 30 years. To get involved and for more information, please like us on Facebook (Holy Name of Jesus Brooklyn Church Restoration Project), visit Holy Name Parish Web site at ( ,contact Fr. Jim at ( or call the Holy Name Rectory at 718-768-3071.

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One Response to AND THEY’RE OFF…

  1. Nick Sisto says:

    The mood at all the masses this past Sunday at Holy Name was electric. It is very clear the people of Holy Name want this. Fr. Jim was inspiring. Recently, I posted a thread about Msgr. Downing’s, song “Oh my God”. I wanted to thank Maureen Pynn for remembering the song. It received so many positive comments on “Container Diaries”. Maybe someday we’ll reintroduce it to this generation of “Holy Namers”. Let’s pray it’s featured at the dedication mass for the newly restored church.

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