A small hint about what is coming to Holy Name.

Two Unknowns from HN Church

This weekend Holy Name of Jesus Parish begins a new chapter in our history as we begin a Capital Campaign to Restore Holy Name of Jesus Church.

Our goal is to raise $1.5 million and already, in just one week, we have pledges of over $600,000!

For more information on how you can help us reach our goal please visit on Facebook our page – Holy Name Restoration or contact Father Jim Cunningham at – 718-768-3071.

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6 Responses to PART OF THE PLAN

  1. Jack Kelly says:

    I had a peek….it was the last two people who gave bad checks during last month’s collections during Mass.

  2. Pat Fenton says:

    What happened at Holy Name Church, the gutting out of a beautiful, sacred like place, is a disgrace, no matter the reason behind it.

    Imagine if someone had filmed the day by day desecration of the ancient altar by a gutting out crew, the cutting out of the murals (it would be interesting to know where they wound up), the prying up of the altar railing, it would certainly beg the question; why destroy all that beauty and commit it to a garbage dumpster?

    Vatican II didn’t order that in any church document handed down from Rome to Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, but the mood of the new Catholic church that it encouraged didn’t help.

    I would like to offer a modest proposal to the committee in charge of restoring the altar, why not conduct the first mass of the “new“ Holy Name Church in Latin?

  3. jimmyvac says:

    LOL… still a tough church and school..

  4. Jack Kelly says:

    Is a Latin mass allowed…..I don’t know but since they have Masses in Spanish and Polish etc.. Let’s just tell them it’s for the old High School Latin clubs, alter boy’s who had to learn the Latin Mass and a few old Romans.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    Still have your chariot, Jack?

  6. Don Cush says:

    I know I am in minority here but Holy Name was changed in 1981 for a reason. The Catholic church was always criticized for its Gothic designs including gargoyles above the altar, statues that were considered Idol worship etc. When the church was redone those items were removed. That being said they left it a nasty looking shell. I know all of the murals and statues were beautiful but they are not in keeping with the spiritual form of worship I participate in. Is there anyone else who feels this way?

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