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A message from Nick Sisto.

Do you remember being at the required 9 o’clock required mass on Sunday morning?

Several things stand out…


Amongst them, Msgr. Downing would give his homily before mass started. After Communion he would walk to the pulpit and everyone would kneel in unison and recite; “Look down upon me, good and gentle Jesus…”

Most of the time the mass would end with everyone joining the organ while it played, “Oh My God.” It was a very short hymn with only four lines.

Oh my God, I believe in you,

Oh my God I adore you,

Oh my God I hope in you,

Oh my God I love you…

We would sing these phrases over and over; and the organ notes would get slightly higher each time. Somehow, everyone seemed to know when the song was over.

It was often said that Msgr. Downing wrote this piece himself. Wouldn’t it be fitting to reintroduce this piece of music as we work to restore Holy Name to its former glory?

Is there anyone who would have a copy of the music or is talented enough to try and recreate the music from memory?

To get involved and for more information, please like us on Facebook (Holy Name of Jesus Brooklyn Church Restoration Project), contact the Buildings Committee at HNJBuildings@aol.com or call the Holy Name Rectory at 718-768-3071.