When you get off the ‘R’ train at Ninth Street; guess how many steps you have to walk to make your way up the stairs to catch the ‘F’ towards Coney Island?


Best aerobic exercise you can get!

Don’t laugh, I once counted the steps!



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16 Responses to STEP-BY-STEP

  1. Gene Green says:

    Great article on what is being done now.

    Found out about the shutdown back in December when I went up for theSandy Relief party. Not sure if they will add any steps :-).

  2. Tom says:

    82 give or take a couple.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    i remember taking the F and running to the R to get to work … it was like Spain with the bulls running up those stairs…

  4. jimmyvac says:

    When I went to and from work, switching from the F to the R was like Spain’s running of the bulls!!

  5. Gloria Cunningham Kreth says:

    ……………………88.. steps

  6. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:


  7. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    If you are on the R from the city now, you can make the switch at Jay St- escalator up to platform and then down the steps to F or A- soooo much better!

  8. Kenny Whelan says:

    I think the number of steps depended on whether the F train was coming or not.

  9. Ed Kearns says:

    I counted them, also. There are eighty-eight

  10. Karen Artz Shanley says:

    Way to many to count. I took those steps everyday for 4 years in High School. We were usually running up them to catch the F train

  11. jimmyvac says:

    I remember running late for work one day.. caught the F right away and sprinted for the R and caught that right away also.. made it to 55 Water St in 25 -28 minutes… now living in Staten Island and working in mid town, anyhing uder 90 min each way is “good time”.

  12. Eddie Keyes says:

    A frakin’ lot !!

  13. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    damn, how is it I found an extra step???? I will tell you something- I am NOT gonna go back and check it out..

  14. David Cullen says:

    I remember that walk when I would transfer to the Bay Ridge-bound R train. Even at a relatively young age, it was a pretty good workout!!!

  15. Catherine Gigante-Brown says:

    Feels like 100!

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