As a basketball coach, the word “toughness” is often tossed around in my discussion.

But when talking toughness, I don’t mean fighting with your fists. I talk about diving for loose balls, drawing charges, taking the ball to the rack with authority, and being a lockdown defender.

It’s more of a mental toughness mind-set. Has nothing to do with how you use your fists.

Thinking back on my days of growing up in the neighborhood, I was trying to think of some of the more “tough-minded” people.

This person could be quiet, down to earth, cool, calm and collected.

I don’t care if a person won every fight on the street or in a bar.

I’m looking for guys (or gals) who you knew could “out think” the opponent. Who got the respect of all those around them. The one person you just didn’t *uck with…


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8 Responses to STREET FIGHTIN’ MAN

  1. Gladys Mastrion says:

    Sissy Lauterbach

  2. TonyF16th St says:

    “Little” John Devaney. Don’t let that “Little” fool you. A great guy

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    OMG- Cissy Lauterbach- once, I had broken up with someone that wanted to get back together- I saw Cissy one day and she said to me “Are you gonna go back with that guy?? Cause, I gotta tell you, I am sick of hearing your name outta his mouth” I almost considered it, lol..I remember getting off the Coney Island Ave bus once, and a wraith-like figure approached me,- it was Cissy..towards the end of her life..such a sad sight..RIP Cissy- I am sure you are giving them hell wherever you are…

  4. David Cullen says:

    Toughness is important. But never forget Lady Luck. John Havlicek, one of the hardest-working athletes in history, and a member of Celtic championships between 1962 and 1969, then again in 1974 and 1976, even mentioned luck as important. After all, mental toughness is good, but if I’m sitting on the bench with a broken leg, that mental toughness won’t be out on their court. Sometimes the games are won before the game is even played.

  5. Gary Lang says:

    “Hanky” Hopkins was one of those guys that had a great personality and good sense of humor, but don’t get on his bad side. He had a punch as strong as a horse kick on steroids.

  6. jim casey says:

    crazy Jackie O’Brien

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