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When I was around 13, maybe 14, there was a fight in our neighborhood between two guys who were probably around 18 or 19 years old.

I knew both of them.

I actually looked up to them like big brothers.

They were great athletes and more importantly, “good people.”

And both guys were pretty popular around Windsor Terrace.

Pete Rose n Bud Harrellson

Their fight was over a girl. A very pretty one I must say.

What else is new, right? A lot of guys fought over a girl. (I wonder if the ladies ever had any fights over the guys?)

The fight happened in front of the parking garage on Windsor Place between Howard and Fuller. I’m not sure how long it lasted.

I was coming from a friend’s house and stood across the street and watched these two friends slug it out.

I’m not sure who won the fight or who even got the prize. Fights amongst friends were common in our neighborhood. One thing was for sure though, after the fight everything was back to normal…I think?