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As we come down the stretch of another year and get ready to begin 2013 tonight at midnight, I wanted to take this time to reflect on a few things and on what I blogged about a year ago in terms of resolutions.

For the most part we all make resolutions (most of us anyway) and we all at one time during the year fail at trying to keep them. I do, that’s for sure.


But for a quick second, I want to bring attention to Sunday’s New York Times Magazine section, ‘The Lives They Lived‘.  Former Beastie Boys singer Adam Yauch is on the cover; Yauch died earlier this year at the age of 48.

The premise of the issue focuses on the lives of people who passed away in 2012. (It saddened me when I heard about the man being pushed to his death a few nights ago on an open subway platform in Queens). We also can’t forget about the death of the children and adults in Newtown, Conn.

The tragedy in Newtown touched everyone around the country; especially if you are a parent. Sad thing is something like that can happen anywhere. My question to you is what can we do to avoid something like this happening?

The Times magazine has capsules on people who have passed away over the past year; the writing is informative and sad. People like Yauch, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Don Cornelius, to name just a few made a huge contribution in the music industry. They were well liked and very popular.

Getting back to resolutions, how are we at sticking to them? Here’s what I wrote a year ago on this blog;

1-Be a better husband.

2-Be a better father.

3-Be a better basketball coach.

4-Write much more than last year and finish my two book projects.

5-Exercise more.

6-Read more books.

7-Eat healthy.

I think I did pretty good at most of them (my two book projects are very close to complete). I vow today to get them both done in 2013!

I’m going to keep working on the above resolutions and actually add one;


With the pressures we face on a daily basis, I think sometimes we take life for granted. We waste precious seconds, minutes, hours and days worrying.  Starting tonight, when I ring in the new year, I’m going to take advantage of my health, my friends and most of all, I’m going to work at improving everything about me. We owe that to ourselves, family and friends.

The one unbreakable staple of our neighborhood was the outstanding people; always there for each other.

As a kid I didn’t realize how much help was available.

Whether it was a coach at Holy Name, a teacher, a friend, a store owner up on the Avenue or even a neighbor; if you looked hard enough, there was someone there. Speaking of help, did they have ‘Self-Help’ books back in the day?

Matter of fact, sometimes I don’t think we fully realize how much we can help others. If only I knew back then, what I know now. Mamma mia!

Someone once said, “We were not put here to keep things the same, but to make things better,” well that will be my daily mantra in 2013.

Look, we all understand that death is inevitable, we can’t win on that one but the one thing we can do is enjoy our time while we’re in the game of life and become better friends with each other.

Whatever happened in 2012, stays in 2012. Let’s take on 2013 with an enthusiastic and friendly approach each and every day.