“When you fail you have to kick yourself in the ass and go on. A lot of times we feel sorry for ourselves and let the defeat define us.” -Ed Hochuli

With many people from the neighborhood affected by Hurricane Sandy, and reading a few stories from people like Brian Lang and Pat Fenton, I figured it was time to share some thoughts on getting rocked by a Thunderbolt, only to get back up on your feet again.

Someone once said it doesn’t matter if you get knocked down, just as long as you get back up. That’s the make-up of many Windsor Terrace residents.

When I was younger, I looked for excuses when things went wrong. I whined and complained too. It was not until I was in my mid to late 20’s did I realize that no one is going to feel sorry for me that I was going to have to get back up on my own.

I threw pity parties. I gave up on projects and i quit jobs. I quit basketball teams and I never tried to work it out with my first girlfriend, Maureen.  I was a mess.

But resilience is something I learned late and thank heavens it wasn’t too late. Just like the people who were rocked by Hurricane Sandy have shown toughness throughout their ordeal.

I’m not sure how one learns to be resilient at such a young age; currently I am coaching young men in basketball at the high school level, I witness it daily. Is it the parents at home? Is it what’s inside a young person?

You tell me…