It’s just like back in the old days on 12th street where Denis Hamill would grab a stickball bat, step up to the plate and smash a home run!

Denis hits this one three sewers!

Do yourself a favor and read this article by Denis from today’s New York Daily News; one part has to do with Mickey Breen’s daughter Kelly, who lives in Staten Island and the other about a Staten Island native who was saving people left and right during Sandy.

Thanks to Willy and Gladys for passing this clip along from ‘Help Me Howard‘  courtesy of PIX 11 News – a solid report on Kelly’s ordeal with a real estate agent.




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12 Responses to TO BE THANKFUL

  1. Willy Wickham says:

    Great reporting on the best and worst that comes out of people when disaster hits. The five hours I spent on line one morning for gas seems so long ago and so trivial, just a bad memory, it’s easy to forget that so many will be waiting for a very long time to get their lives back in order. The predators who target them deserve a special place in hell.
    Help Me Howard on WPIX 11 did a good piece earlier this week

  2. Pat Fenton says:

    All through this awful time many are living through, Denis has been covering it and doing writing that is as good as or better than Breslin when Breslin was young and at the peak of his talent. It doesn’t matter right now, but he will walk away with a prize for it when its all over. He will. Sad to see that Gladys ‘ family was touched by all this hurt. She is a tough, proud 17th Street woman and I’m glad I met her and to be able to say that I know her and that I’m from the same block.
    best to you, Steve,

  3. jimmyvac says:

    Unbelievable… there were alot of people who were doing geat things for others . I met a guy who took in a family who lost there home. A store, Family Fruit was giving out free hot food and sending food to hard hit areas.. but then you have your slimeballs… guys deaining basements for 1500 and then upping the price because it was taking them too long.. and looters, send them an SOS,,, shoot on sight..

  4. jimmyvac says:

    You are right about Denis. He has never written better.. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.. I was pushing my wife hard to make the move back to Brooklyn!!!

    • Pat Fenton says:

      We all should just set up a date and show up at Farrell’s one afternoon. After this awful time of trouble and strife many of us have gone through, or our friends, it would be good to be home again, Jimmy. Imagine about 50, 60, a 100 of us just walking into Farrell’s and ordering beers just like the old days. It’s our place, and it would be good to be home again. You ain’t never goling to see that at the Windsor Knot joint across the street. And it would be a hell of a story for the bar.

      • hoopscoach says:


        Outstanding idea!

        Dec. 1 Hooley is getting everyone together up at Bishop Ford – I’m sure many will make the trek across ninth avenue and head straight into Farrell’s.

  5. Bill LaVasseur says:

    Red, If anyone needs furniture. My mother in law passed away and I have 2 entertainments centers, a sofa bed couch (Queen), a couch, a triple dresser with a mirror, 2 queen beds (mattress clean with box spring), a glider rocking chair, book shelf, two old tv’s, 2 vcr’s, a captains bed without a mattress, a recliner (r leg broken), new ceiling fan, and folding chairs. The only thing they have to pick it up; its down the hill near borough park. If anyone is intersted I have photos of the furniture I will email you to pass or have them contact me. Also sad news Jimm Pynn’s (Donna Nelson) mother in law Pat Nelson passed away, (friends of the family, known since i was a baby), Duffy’s tomorrow night, wish I had more info.Thank You,
    Bill Lavasseur

  6. jimmyvac says:

    Pat, Let me know the date and time.,. Bill, that’s a great thing you are doing…

  7. donny tighe says:

    Love the old b ball talk riding to manhattan beach to battle big bob matera jack ryan and his crew remember tommy quinn and goose from the y great times wish we could do it all over Shaina

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