My main man Mike P. and my friend Hooley asked me to post this announcement.

A fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Sandy who live in Breezy Point.

Shoot, I may even make a cameo for this one (as long as my wife gives the thumbs up…)

Double click image to get a better look…

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8 Responses to EVERYBODY CHIP IN

  1. Gene Green says:

    For reasonable rate and a decent place I would suggest this place for those coming in from out of town.
    Comfort Inn Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (NY507)
    17 Seabring Street, Brooklyn, NY, US, 11231

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    Or if ya don’t mind sleeping with the dog you can have my sofa. Either way “be there or be square”

  3. bob terry says:

    I just sent Houlie a check. God bless Houlie for all he has done over the years for the community; I’m proud to know him for over 40 years.

  4. jimmyvac says:

    Frank’s son Richie is one of the ower’s of Lenny’s.. great pizza, calzones, and rice balls..

  5. Jack Kelly says:

    Coach , no problem……..all major credit cards accepted 😉

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