Friday night I watched basketball on television from 7:30 until midnight.

During this time I heard three different announcers say, “Sports Heals.”

No, it doesn’t.

The Brooklyn Nets were supposed to open their season Thursday night at the Barclays Center against the New York Knicks. The game was cancelled due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Great call!

Last night, the Knicks opened their season at Madison Square Garden. People showed up, they played the game. Knicks fans cheered and were treated to a victory over the Miami Heat. Those fans went home feeling good about their team.

Do you think people in Jersey, Rockaway, Breezy and Staten Island care about a game?

How does sports heal?

The New York City Marathon was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Mayor Bloomberg cancelled it; another great call! But at first he was going to allow it; thanks to the people taking to social media and talk radio, the Mayor realized he better cancel the race.

D-Wade of the Miami Heat tweeted yesterday that there was no way they should have been playing the game last night.  He was right. By the way, he donated his pay for last night’s game to rescue help.

Look, I don’t have to write about what people on the East coast are going through; it’s out there. Read the papers, watch the news and talk to the people without power.

People are more important than a sporting event (and I’m a sports junkie). Doesn’t matter if you’re poor, middle class or rich. We’re all human. Improving lives should come first; not a sporting event.

They played a basketball game last night at MSG; it was the first of 81 for New York, the second for the Heat. The lucky fans that had tickets showed up. Stop saying “Sports Heals,” it really doesn’t because I know a lot of Knicks fans who are without water, are powerless and a few even lost their homes.

Throughout this essay I didn’t even mention the young mother from Staten Island that lost her two sons in the storm and found out a day later that they both died.


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15 Responses to THE BIG LIE

  1. jim vackner says:

    The games amd marathon are all too soon. They are still finding bodies here in Staten Island and other places in the tri state area. I understand the part about lost revenue and showing the world how reslient.we are but we need time to heal and resume some resembalnce of normal living. My basement was flooded but that pales compared to people nearby who lost their homes and worse. Please remember them in your prayers.

  2. Mr. Guest says:

    Dude, You are so right. I was disgusted to see the pictures of generators running in Central Park for the marathon while there is no power at all on the peninsula. They are now saying two more weeks before power will be restored in Rockaway. People, including a lot of elderly people, have no food, no gas and no transportation. The water is not safe in Breezy, yet they have millions of water bottles for the marathon.

  3. Fr. Peter says:

    Mayor Bloomberg wanted the marathonout ! Imagine, runners being handed cups of water, only to sip 2 ounces and either drop or spit out the rest of the water while thousands are without water! Healing?

    • hoopscoach says:

      Father Peter,

      Let’s just be glad that he finally came around after pressure from us smart people!

      Actually, I wouldn’t even call it being smart. I would call it common sense.

      Hope all is well on your end.


  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I was a “strandee” in NOLA til Saturday and seeing Bloomberg on TV saying the victims would have wanted the marathon to go on put me right over the edge! I was yelling at the TV…”how dare you speak for the dead and assign them YOUR agenda?? How bout talking to people who are alive and coping with devestating losses, and ask them what they want??” The thought of transporting the runners to Staten Island, when a 20 minute ride was taking 2 hours..the thought of closing the bridge for hours, when it is the route for supplies onto the island..I just couldn’t comprehend it..

    • Gladys Mastrion says:

      King Bloomberg thought that it would lift our spirits and give us something to celebrate, Oh yea, I am sure that those people who lost loved ones and everything they own would have been really uplifted just because they had a chance to watch the winner crossing the finish line! Unbelieveably cruel!

  5. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    He also screwd the runners by insisting the race would go on..many came, only to find out upon arrival that it was cancelled. But, hey..I am sure they can find something to do in New York…and I think it is great that many of the runners have organized to volunteer in relief efforts. Of course, the Emperor will never admit he made a mistake..he blamed the cancellation on the”divisiveness” of the people..I really didn’t see much divide..the people seemed to be overwhemingly against the running of the race..of course he had to invoke $ept. 11th..where the race came more than 6 weeks later.. not 6 days..

  6. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says: phone keeps cutting me off..I will take that as a sign it’s time to stop 🙂

  7. Kenny Whelan says:

    But yet the Giants played in NJ today under the same story – good for the healing, etc. Haven’t heard any complaints about that ??

  8. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    My problem with the Marathon was what it would have entailed..getting 40,000 runners over to Staten Island and closing the bridge for hours..that bridge where supplies could be trucked in. Closing streets for hours..NYPD and DSNY pulled off duty to police and clean up..if they had run around the park for 26 miles, it would not have evoked the same anger in me. I was so happy to see so many runners head to Staten Island and help out..

  9. TonyF16th St says:

    We have people here that lost everything and are scarred both physically and mentally and yet that little pompous bastard though we should be cheering on some STARVIN MARVIN form another country. He’s all about what he wants and F#@K the rest of us.
    Ask the people in Breezy,Rockaway or Staten Island if they could give a rats ass about the marathon.

  10. richie k says:

    the Giants and steelers did not want to play, they did say it was wrong, but they were told it was ok to do so, plus the NFL donated millions to the relief efforts

  11. jimmyvac says:

    I think giving a little time, a week minimum would have been appropriate. I know there is alot of money involved but when I hear about people dying less than a mile from my house, I cannot agree sports is a healing agent right now
    . I think about Mike Piazza’s homer in 2001 lifting New Yorkers to some normalcy after 9/11 but that was about 8-9 days after 9/11.

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