On a very sad note, I received word this morning that Ed McHale has passed away.

The wake will be held at Duffy’s Funeral Home on Thursday evening 7-9 and Friday 2-5 and 7-9.

Mass will be held this Saturday, 10AM at Holy Name.

“Clem” is a Vietnam Veteran, Past President of McFadden Brothers post and was a member of the graduating class at Holy Name 1962 and Bishop Ford 1966.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the McHale family.


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6 Responses to REST IN PEACE, CLEM

  1. gerard trapp says:

    Sad to hear this, Ed McHale, a good guy, he did a lot for the neighborhood, always lending a helping hand where ever he could, he helped to keep the McFaddens Bros. Post open, he was amongst the 1st group of Vietnam Vets who joined and may have originally been denied due to some internal politics that were going on at the time, he also use to coach Holy Name track team back in the 60’s, he and his buddy Phil Rufino use to coach the juniors and seniors, 7th & 8th graders. Our condolences to his family.
    Rest in Peace Ed
    G Trapp & Family

  2. TonyF16th St says:

    Coah Ed a very funny guy. I ran track for him in the 60’s and I remember we used to practice on top of Suicide hill in Prospect Park and I can still hear him barking “youse guys run like youse got lead in your asses” RIP

    • Carol Acess Wilbur says:

      Its been about 35 years since I last saw Eddie but reading your quote brings me back like it was yesterday. As I was reading it, I could just picture and hear him saying something like that.

  3. TonyF16th St says:

    Correction. 3 devils not suicide hill. Little memory lapse there.LOL

  4. Red Slavin says:

    Eddie McHale was one of the best men I ever met in my life. Funny…truthful…and a great man. He served in Vietnam….got hurt…..came back and survived. My sympathy to Pat and his two daughters.

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