I came across a story this afternoon from CBS Local news on people in Park Slope complaining about too many frozen yogurt shops in the area.

One person wrote in:

“How many frozen yogurt places can Park Slopers handle? What’s this place becoming? Land of designer pizzas and fro-yos? I should seriously consider moving to Carroll Gardens or Clinton Hill…” wrote another commenter.

Would someone really consider moving because of too many yogurt shops?

What would they rather have, empty space?

What’s wrong with yogurt?

Support the local business and stop complaining! If you don’t like yogurt, find something to do with your time instead of whining.



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11 Responses to TOO MUCH WHINING

  1. Jack Kelly says:

    Well at least they stopped complaining about the Ice Cream guy in the park.

    • hoopscoach says:


      When I was told about that Ice Cream story, I could not believe it.

      There is another issue that I would love to bring up but my wife says not to do it. It pertains to complaining about something in the neighborhood. You couldn’t guess it in your wildest dreams!

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    Middle class guys who like to drink beer on the weekends?

  3. TonyF16th St says:

    Be greatful they have open businesses and not boared up store fronts.
    As far as the ice cream guy goes I don’t know who I want to smack more the kid or the mother who wants to ban him from the playground.
    If I cried every time the ice cream man came down the block and didn’t get it. my old man would have kicked my ass. But them again i wouldn’t cry because I would know that.

    • Ellen Garland says:

      The mother wants the ice cream trucks banned from park, because she doesn’t like telling her child NO. Unfortunately for me, my Mother never had that problem!!!!

  4. Don C says:

    Years ago there were “too many” bars in the neighborhood not Yogurt shops

  5. TonyF16th St says:

    This is a lead in to “You Know What Pisses Me Off?”

  6. jimmyvac says:

    I heard of a woman complaining to the ice cream truck vendor about ringing his bell.. she said her son worked nights and was sleeping.. thr guy told her to take a hike.. Living in the boros has its ups and downs.. mostly ups for me.. you are near everything but it is noiser… so make your choice and stop whining.
    The newbies in the area should be grateful they are employed and live in a great neighborhood and think about contributing and adapting .

  7. Karen Shanley says:

    Fin – you can’t say you wouldn’t guess it & leave us hangin’. Spill the beans.

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