Ok, so I’m 800 miles away and now Brooklyn has an NBA team!

The New Jersey Nets have moved across the river and will play their home games on Flatbush and Atlantic.


It’s what Brooklyn needed; a pro basketball team to call their own.

I’m hoping to get back for a game or two.

People have asked me if I will switch teams? I have been a Knicks fan for a long time but to be honest, I’m not really sure.

A blog entry is being composed and I’ll post my thoughts real soon.

Some fans have switched, some have not.

I’m leaning towards sticking with the Knicks but will pull for the Nets. I can do that, right?

I hear the food choices in the arena is top-notch. Spumoni Gardens, Nathan’s Famous and Junior’s. Wonder if they have plans to make Egg Creams?

Good luck Brooklyn!



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8 Responses to HELLO BROOKLYN

  1. jimmyvac says:

    As akid, I rooted for both: the Nets were in the ABA so it was not an issue, I still root for the Nets except when they pplay the Knicks. It is so cool to see a team in the NBA with BROOKLYN written across the jerseys…

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    I enjoy basketball but I love hockey. The Islanders were suppose to play the Bruins in an exhibition game in Brooklyn. But thanks to the greedy owners there will be no hockey game in Brooklyn.

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    The fact that they used eminent domain for a private enterprise has biased me against the venue…

    • Willy Wickham says:

      A lot of folks are angry about the eminent domain but Barclay Center is in the same spot the Dodgers wanted for their new stadium way back. They didn’t get it and we all know how that turned out.
      Hope they have a good sound system for music. It took they Garden about 10 years to get the sound right. My ears still hurt from Stevie Wonder’s horn section back in ’72.

      • hoopscoach says:


        Someone told me the sound system needs work. And the chairs, seems that the chairs are a bit narrow.

  4. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    now the Islanders will be playing in Brooklyn…

  5. Don C says:

    Brooklyn Islanders. The best thing to happen since 1983

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