The Yankees lost today to the Detroit Tigers. Their season is over.

The Tigers swept New York 4-0 in the ALCS.

The Yankees hitting was “out to lunch.”

My baseball season is over too.

It’s time to focus on basketball; HS, college and pro.



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3 Responses to END OF THE LINE

  1. Jack Kelly says:

    I wish I could say I feel for you………but I can’t :-). This is the only way a Met fan celebrates and it’s pretty pathetic. It’s time for new owners who understand what it takes to own a team in NY. And that means you have to spend money to make money. Not only in Free agents but in scouts, and minor league players. The Yankees glory years were not from free agents that helped but it was basically from trades ( O’Neil, etc) and the minor leagues( Rivera, Petite, Jeter, etc.) and thats what we need but first we need new owners.

  2. jim casey says:

    basketball season is like God–no beginning and no end, but eternal

  3. Robert Cunningham (Broadway) says:

    always a good day for old Brooklyn Dodgers fans

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