Tonight is game three of the American League Championship Series.

The Yankees trail 2-0.

Justin Verlander is on the mound for Detroit.

It’s do or die time for New York.

I have never seen Yankees hitting this bad.

And what is up with the empty seats at Yankee stadium the first two games and even worse, what is up with the home fans booing their players?

Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson have been awful in the post-season.

Keep in mind that in the 1996 World Series the Yankees trailed the Atlanta Braves 0-2 only to come back and win four straight.

Can the Yankees start hitting and pull out the win or will they go down 0-3?


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6 Responses to BRONX BOMBERS

  1. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I know they were selling tix on StubHub for $22- I didn’t like the empty seats, but I am happy thinking the legal scalpers took a beating on those two games- and for me, the only time I would boo a player is if they phoned it in- just because you have superb skills does not mean you are going to have a stellar game every day- the players are human, subject to all that implies- and the only reason they are getting those salaries is because people are paying the freight (and all the TV $$) ..(. and really, even then, I would not actually boo a player)

  2. Don C says:


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