Saw this story on NBC.com website.  Seems like there is a clown on the loose exposing himself on the F train.

A subway rider subjected to a man’s lewd act on the F train in Brooklyn last month shot cell phone video of the offender, who’s accused in two incidents, and police hope the public will help identify him. 

The first incident happened at about 1:20 p.m. on a northbound F train going into the Seventh Avenue station in Flatbush, police said. The man walked on to the train, sat down and exposed himself to a 39-year-old woman. The victim recorded him before exiting the train. 

Catch this clown and put him behind bars…


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6 Responses to ‘F’ IS FOR…

  1. TonyF16th St says:

    I remember coming home from Coney Island one summer in 1970 and there was an asshole holding the strap and bumping into a young girl as the train was lumbering along. You could see the fright on her face she was probably 12 years old. When the train stopped at Ave. J I couldn’t stand it any more so I grabbed the strap above me and as the doors open I kicked the guy out of the train

  2. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    If I am ever on an F train at the 7th Ave stop in FLATBUSH, I will look for him, lol- not to make light of a creepy situation, but have you ever noticed how many things that get printed are erroneous?? And, if something negative is printed about someone I don’t care for, I am ready to believe it is 100% true?? Gotta keep vigilant on myself 🙂

    • hoopscoach says:

      Maureen, great catch – I was thinking the same thing! LOL.

      Maybe they re-routed the train that day?

      Hope all is well.

      • Don C says:

        Was probably a reference error. I believe the 7th ave station on the Brighton line is considered Flatbush or at least it is off of Flatbush avenue

  3. Mary Anne (Brick) Monaco says:

    This story dosent suprise me. Rode the F train to St Josephs HS for 4 years. Young ladies in catholic school uniforms were always dodging “pervs” on a crowded train. I was glad to be with Marion Masterson, Liz Rignola, Elaine Demant and Pat Baxter, we were able to laugh about it and stayed safe!

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