Bobby Trapp and the late Vinnie Brunton…(Double Click Image)

(Compliments of the Mickey Breen Collection)

“Who forgot the **&*^&& cups?” (Jimmy Vackner)

“This Buds’ for you!” (Steve McLaughlin)

“Maybe we should put the beer keg in the ice?” (Gene Green)

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8 Responses to NAME THAT CAPTION

  1. jimmyvac says:

    “Who forgot the **&*^&& cups??

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    Mickey was one special guy. One Friday while in R & B’s ( McBears) Mickey tells me that he has a picture of me and my daughter from an Irish Day Parade up on 9th Ave.. A week later on my regular Friday visit the bartender hands me a picture left by Mickey. There had to be a hundred people in the picture but right in the middle of the crowd is me and my daughter on my shoulders. It took me ten minutes to find myself yet Mickey with the thousands of pictures he had knew there was one of me with my daughter. Like I said he was one special guy.

  3. Gene Green says:

    Maybe we should put the beer keg in the ice

  4. Steve McLaughlin says:

    This Buds’ for you!

  5. mike slavin says:


  6. Glenn Thomas says:

    Great photos! Vinny was always in great shape and Bobby Trapp was no chopped liver in that photo either! I’m sure Bobby could have run the floor and drained a jumper that day! Mike Slavin wrote about Pat Young, I don’t believe I remember him but if he has passed then that’s way too young. May God rest the souls of Pat and Vinny!

  7. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Pat Young was from 15 street, a good guy. I remember him never being too busy to stop and talk for a few minutes to the young kids, myself being one of them at that time, and ask how we were doing. He may not have even been in his 40’s when he passed, a real shame.

  8. Glenn Thomas says:

    Wow! Thanks Kevin. A real shame. Too many young people in the neighborhood leaving us way too early.

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