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(Part 2 of 4)

This is the second installment on Jack Kelly; his memories of playing football down Farragut Road.

Gerard Trapp, who played QB for Farrell’s had this to say about Jack as a player:

“Jack was an excellent pass rusher. He was smart with a lot of heart. I will always remember Farrell’s vs McBears championship game. Jackie breaks past left side guard makes a tag on me that put me on my butt, head knocked against cement and put me out of game on first series of plays.”

Before Jack switched over to play with his friends at McBears, I asked Jack about that tough decision:

Container Diaries: What made you stay with Farrell’s when your friends from seventh avenue out together a team?

Jack Kelly: In 1979 McBears formed a football team by the 7th avenue guys but I stayed on Farrell’s that year and didn’t join the team until the next year.  John Devaney and Mike Marona were great to play for and the guys I played with were the best on the field and off. I didn’t want to leave Farrell’s. I enjoyed playing with those guys they were good friends. They were also good teammates, every one of them.  But after the year was done I knew it was my last year on Farrell’s. Heck, how often do get to play with your brother?

I would like to mention that the year I left Farrell’s they won the championship. The guys on Farrell’s  playfully reminded me of that every day.  They knew I loved being on Farrell’s so they knew it killed me every time they reminded.

Container Diaries: What was it like being a member of McBears, now facing your former team, Farrell’s?

Jack Kelly: As a member of McBears the games against Farrell’s were great to play in and prep for. The neighborhood was buzzing the whole week before the game, it was a rivalry like no other.  I remember my first game against Farrell’s which ended 6-6.  After Farrell’s scored a touchdown in the first half we scored three safeties in the second to tie the game.  That was the closest we came to beating them, that is until the 1982 Championship game when we came out on top 19-7.

Some people on 9th avenue still won’t accept it but I have the Championship Trophy sitting in my house if they would like to see it!

As I get older and there are more years behind me then ahead I find myself more often looking back on those days and I begin to smile thinking of old friends.