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Take it easy this isn’t about a movie from back in the day on Forty-Doo Wop/Times Square.

No, this entry is about a friend Jack Kelly, who played rough-touch football down at Farragut Road.

Sunday mornings was special for me as a teenager.  I would head down to Farragut Road and watch Farrell’s football. If you waited outside the bar there was always someone headed down to the game whether it was a member of the team or a fan taking in the game. You just hopped in the car and off you went. Gerard Trapp often hooked me up with a lift.

This past weekend I had an e-mail exchange with Jack about his experience playing for Farrell’s. (First of four parts)

Container Diaries: Jack tell us about your playing days down at Farragut Road.

Jack Kelly: The league was around for a long time.  The team which became known as Farrell’s started in 1972 as ninth Avenue. I believe it was Paulie Lawrence, Mike Marona and John Devaney who put it together. I, along with the rest of seventh Avenue joined the team the next year.  We then became EJ’s.

It was a blast that first year for me.  Ninth Avenue guys, seventh avenue guys, the Hun’s and a few others from different parts of the neighborhood; all mixed together for a Sunday morning football game which lead to a long Sunday afternoon and night celebrating our youth. (Not many people made work on Monday’s that’s for sure)

To top it off, we won the Championship that year by beating McGuires, 25-24.

The next year, 1974, we became Farrell’s. I remember every Sunday after a game Eddie Farrell would buy a keg a beer down the Knights Of Columbus so we long-haired kids wouldn’t disturb his Sunday afternoon crowd at the bar.

It worked for most of us, especially for the Seventh Avenue and Huns guys, free beer was all we needed to hear.

That first year as Farrell’s we were again in the Championship Game, but this time we lost 14-13 to Five Corners who became Brennan’s the next year.

We got our revenge in 1978 in the championship by beating an undefeated Brennan’s team 19-6. That’s how it started for me on Farrell’s.

The following year McBears formed a team…it was started by my friends from Seventh Avenue.  But I stayed with Farrell’s; until the following year, that’s when I joined up with McBears.

Up Next: Jack’s tough decision; stay with Farrell’s or go with his friends and play for McBears.