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13 Responses to I’LL HAVE ANOTHER

  1. Gene Green says:

    The guy pouring the beer with the funky sideburns is Danny Green. He passed away in April.

  2. Dan Mahoney says:

    The guy getting the beer is me! Those trips to the Preakness were something! Multiple buses from Farrells and multiple buses from Breezy Point would head down to Baltimore for the Preakness every year.Water, soda, Kegs of beer, huge bar-b-que grills, tons of food and basically the whole damm bar was put on those buses! The only downside that I remeber from those trips was how damm hot is was on the infiled grass at that racetrack.
    Hey Gene sorry to hear of Danny’s passing.

    • hoopscoach says:


      I was waiting for you to come forward and identify yourself!

      Thanks so much!

      Going to want you to write an essay on the summer league when you get a chance!

      I’ll post it on the front page!

  3. Glenn Thomas says:

    Although I never went on a Farrell’s trip I can recognize some people in those other photos. Joe Heegan Sr. and Jimmy Murphy are in one photo. I also could see Red Bradley and Charlie Mirailh in another shot.. I miss seeing the familiar faces either in the Farrell’s window or outside of the bar. The neighborhood is still good but just not the same without the cast of characters! I miss those days!

  4. Steve McLaughlin says:

    Hi Dan ….Been a long time !
    What year is the photo?

  5. Gene Green says:

    I have been told the photos are from the 1977 preakness

  6. Dan Mahoney says:

    Steve,sure has been a long time! Hope all is well with you and the family. Gene is right, the photo is from the 1977 Preakness. Seattle Slew won the race that day and then went on to win the triple crown

    • Larry Maloney says:

      Dan/Steve… just looked at this and saw you guys. (from what I remember – 1970 nicknames “snowman” and “yates”). Larry Maloney – your old classmate that moved in summer of ’70.

  7. Larry Maloney says:

    Thx Steve – All well – hope things are good with you. Great coming back and reading up on some Windsor Terrace stuff. My daughter grew up in Maryland.. but always loved NY. She just started freshman year at Fordham, will pitch/1B for softball team – so I will be making more trips when I can to catch games! They have a good team, should be fun.

    • hoopscoach says:


      Not that you need this advice; but get to every game you can that your daughter plays in for the Rams…don’t want to miss anything special that happens on the field! And if you can’t get to a game for whatever reason, call her afterwards and see how things went.

      Good luck!

      • larry maloney says:

        Definitely – good advice. Coached/helped coach since 1st grade…. will be in stands. They just rebuilt field… beautiful. Team pretty successful, beat Alabama last year at Fordham, who won NCAA world series. LIFE IS GOOD (win or lose, its playing that counts)

      • hoopscoach says:

        Thanks Larry…

        The credit goes to the ones on the field and on the court!

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