Another classic from the ‘Mickey Breen Collection’

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5 Responses to NICK THE GREEK

  1. TonyF16thSt says:

    A definate pillar of the community. Unlike Wetters I never remember having to spend x amount in order to hang out. He loved to talk especially about his native Greece. His son Pete was a real nice guy also.

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    Owner of the Park Hill?

  3. hoopscoach says:

    Burger, fries and a coke!

  4. Al Powers says:

    When I see images like this I wish I was into photography at a much younger age. Thanks for sharing this memory.

    • hoopscoach says:


      I am so into images these days. Boy do I wish I had more photos from my childhood in and around the neighborhood.

      Thanks for writing.

      Keep taking those great photos!

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