Even though I grew up on the avenue and cut my teeth in the boys schoolyard at Holy Name, often times I would head down Prospect Avenue, over the bridge and into East 5th street park to play basketball.

The fella’s at the park welcomed me with open arms.

There was Jackie and Billy Ryan, Randy Reis, Turk, Guido, Dee, Billy Geli, Michael Cleary, Ron Hardy, Danny Leary, Milo, Kerry McKeon, Chris Ryan and many others. All good dudes for sure.

Randy is putting together a special event that you won’t want to miss.

The 4th Annual Inky Memorial / East 5th St. Park Softball Reunion Game.

Saturday October 13, 2012

10:00 a.m.

Come one, come all!

If you played softball, bring a glove or a bat.

If you watched, come watch and if you rooted, come break chops.

If you remember the best neighborhood that ever existed, then come and remember with us.

Most importantly, if you knew Anthony “Inky” Incarbone, then you know what a great guy he was.

Come have a beer, a water and share a memory. Share a story, pull a practical joke on someone in his honor, and picture him scaling the fence like Spiderman.

If you don’t come, I’ll come get you!

Lets make this the best one yet!

And after that we can quench our thirsts with Kevin Ryan at Denny’s on Church and McDonald!

Contact Randy for more info: rreis@kwnyc.com

Sounds like a lot of fun…



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  1. jimmyvac says:

    Great schoolyard… played hoops and handball down there alot especially when my cousin lived on Greenwood Ave. There was a place right by the schholyard that made good egg creams and shakes…

  2. Don C says:

    Even though I lived on 19th between 7th and 8th, I spent most of my teenage years in E5TH ST Park. I cant make the October date but hope everyone has a great time

    • hoopscoach says:

      Very cool Donnie C.

      19th and 7th huh?

      Remember the Bazaar they would have over there on 19th street?

      I would go up there with a few quarters in my pocket.

      • Don C says:

        Yes. The bazaar was in the lot where they built the K OF C Brooklyn 60. Is that still a handicap school?

  3. Glenn Thomas says:

    When we were growing up in the 70’s there was an intense rivalry between IHM and Holy Name in Sports and the bad blood carried over and it was very personal even on the streets when passing. I never cared for that kind of stuff and just wanted to play ball. When it was time for high school, many of us from both parishes attended Bishop Ford where friendships were made with guys you thought you didn’t like. Chris Ryan along with Ron Hardy were both from IHM and became good friends of mine, We all played on the frosh basketball team at Ford in the 1977-78 season. Holy Name didn’t have a CYO Tyro team that year. I got a waiver and played for IHM. My coaches were Randy Reis and Dougie Martin. Soon after I became a hoop regular at E5th Street Park and felt safe there for the guys Steve mentioned above always looked out for me. In addition to Randy Reis, Anthony “Inky” Incarbone would also be at the park either playing sports or playing cards. I spent a lot of time in that park as an outsider so to speak and was grateful for those guys and feel fortunate to have friended so many of them. I will try my best and walk down the hill to attend this worthwhile event to remember and honor Inky. He was a great guy!

  4. hoopscoach says:

    Glenn, you are right; there was bad blood (Red Sox-Yankees type). I remember first meeting those guys and thought they were good people.

    Jackie and I are friends to this day!

    Thanks for adding that fantastic story!

  5. Randy Reis says:

    Thanks Red, and also Glen…. Bery nice. But I have to add, that Mike Shepherd has been the driving force behind this the last 3 years and deserves a lot of credit!, Just don’t tell him I said it LOL!. I’m just trying to pull my weight! I know, I know, thats a lot of weight!

    PS if anyone needs further info, I can be reached at rreis@kwnyc.com

  6. Randy Reis says:

    Ha Bery Nice, must have been thinking about eating

  7. Kenny Whelan says:

    Played hockey with/against Randy and Inky for many years down on East 5th. Always tough roller skating home to 8th avenue after a game or two

  8. jimmyvac says:

    Played some softball there… great yard. Remember playing against Black Jack and he was pretty young… great hops… now he is doing shows and teaching shooting..
    I did not know too many of the guys .. would just call winners and play.
    Still remember answering when asked where I was from, I would say Holy

    Name . I had already started saying Park Slope to people out of the hood but at IHM , I always said the parish.. never thought of it as a rivalry but always wanted to bring the A game there..

  9. Mike larkin says:

    Yes Glenn you had to bring your A game or you would be doing a lot of sitting.

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