Someone mentioned to me the other day in an e-mail that they are filming again in our neighborhood.

When I think of the film industry setting up shop around the way,  only one project comes to mind.


Dog Day Afternoon was shot in 1975 on ninth avenue between 17th and 18th street. I was in the third grade. I recall at night they had the helicopters flying around making all sorts of noise. I was only allowed to watch from my third floor window. I couldn’t see much though.

Thanks once again to Gladys M. for sharing the “Micky Breen Collection.”

Film director Sidney Lumet.

John Kelly who worked in the movie. Great gig, huh?

And of course, Bobby “Little Moe” Maloney

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16 Responses to DOG DAY AFTERNOON

  1. bob terry says:

    Whatever happened to Moe? Does anyone know?

  2. Gene Green says:

    That was a memorable time for me. I was in the Navy and was on my way back to Charleston from overseas on Medical Leave ( cut the tip off my Thumb). I had an day hold over in NY so naturally I went back to Brooklyn. After a visit to Farrells I eneded up in Gerards on 17th stret. Long story short I was well medicated and drinking on top of that. Not knowing they are making a movie I saw the big rukus when the money was thrown into the air and everyone surged forward. I of course was outsid ethe bar at that time and joined in. Found out when someone was yelling CUT CUT it was just a movie. What I did find out Gerads sign was paid for by the movie company to upgrade the outside of the building.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    I was a freshman in high school and would set off thr B-69 bus and watch the filming.. it was pretty cool… wasn’t John Corrar in the crowds scenes ?

  4. Glenn Thomas says:

    Corrar was too busy dancing across the stage at Sanders Theater being chased by Mr. Sanders himself during the Rolling Stones movie “Gimme Shelter” LOL

  5. Willy Wickham says:

    That Mickey Breen Collection continues to amaze. The “cops” were paid $25 a day but the experience must have been priceless.
    I picked up a two disc special edition about ten years ago and still watch it once a year. The extras are great when Sidney Lumet talks about the locals and how he noticed the effect Pacino was having on the crowd every time he stuck his head out the door. He urged Pacino to say something to the crowd and ATTICA! ATTICA! was born.

  6. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I was paid to work on that movie, but only showed up for the commisary in Ford. My friend Wayne lived in the building on 17th and 10th, so we hung out there. We were able to keep an eye out, if the crowd thinned out, we would have to go downstairs..luckily, there were so many unpaid extras, we could stay warm…cause it was quite chilly during that “Attica” scene..that was also my first clue as to how tedious filming can be…they filmed that scene for days!

  7. Paul Kurella says:

    While on a cruise to the Caribbean last week,we returned to our cabin, turned on the tube and there was Dog Day Afternoon playing ! 9th Avenue on the high seas !!!

    • Mary Anne Monaco says:

      I went out with a guy who was working on the set and got to go to the
      “Wrap party” in the city. I had the pleasure of meeting Al Pacino. I was impressed when he made a point of stopping by every table at the party to thank the people who worked on the movie. I love to watch the movie and pick out all the people I knew. That was a fun time!

  8. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Actually, was not the Attica scene, but the one they filmed at night, when they were leaving for the airport..I think it was was really cool and was supposed to be a hot, sweltering night..

  9. Don C says:

    If your remember the entire block was phony. The bank was a paint warehouse. The barbershop was an empty store. Gerard Lang got his name added to his bar.

  10. Joecsfor says:

    Joe Ciappetta ,I was driving driving a cab a t hat tme. I got out with my camera and made believe l was a news man taking photos. Got caught and told to leave ended up n the hall way by barber shop ,got some great pictures Charles Derney and Al . Never forget

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