Thanks to Gladys for sending this amazing picture!

Mickey Breen, Mousie, Willy Wickham, Nick the Greek and Mike O’Grady.


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10 Responses to THE BOYS

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    Where was that photo taken? Wetter’s?

  2. G Trapp says:

    Great picture, keep them coming the more the better

  3. TonyF16thst says:

    Looks like the Diner that was on the corner of 16th st across from the post office.
    Didn’t Pete the Greek own that?

    • Joe Pisculli says:

      Yes Tony that is the dinner on 16th St. As far I remeber Nick owned it.

    • Gene Green says:

      Tony you are going back a while but yes Nick did own it and it was where Bob’s use to be. I think that picture must have been taken from the front door. If others have the same type of long lost could be fun to date then and identify people that may not have names given.

      For Wetters has anyone taken a picture of the old windows that are now exposed. Interesting to see Ice Cream, Soda, candy above the wine and liqiuor signs.

  4. Glenn Thomas says:

    The Park Hill!!!!

  5. TonyF16thst says:

    Glen wasn’t the Park Hill around the circle? Gene I remember when Bob’s was there. The old Lady had everything but the kitchen sink on the side walk. Your right Nick owned it then his son Peter took it over.

    • hoopscoach says:


      I think you are talking about the “Park House.” We had the “Park Hill” and “Park House.”

  6. TonyF16thst says:

    Your right Steve. Think I’m getting a little soft.

  7. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I am not sure that pic was taken from the front door- although my memory may be failing me, I remember the counter being to your left when you walked in- with tables to the right- unless I am completely crazy, that seems to me to have been taken from the back of the restaurant looking towards 9th ave

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