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12 Responses to WE GOT NEXT!

  1. Glenn Thomas says:

    Steve…Good luck with getting a pass from either one of these guys! LOL! You would have better luck getting a pass from Mrs. Martin in the background of that photo! On the serious side, there’s no doubt that this 3-man team would be a very tough “out” up in the HN Boys Schoolyard during those legendary 3 on 3 games.Those games were intense to say the least. I am hoping to hear from some of the older guys that could contribute the names of great players/teams that played 3 on 3 in that schoolyard. It would be a lot of fun to hear from those guys on this topic.

  2. Glenn Thomas says:

    I forgot to mention the two players with you in that photo. John Corrar (L) was a great half court player for his shot was almost unstoppable for he was a lefty that pulled the ball way back behind his head. Corrar had some decent hops too! Jimmy Routhier (C) had a great shot and had real good size at 6-5 for he had a good handle. Then there’s you (R) for you had a deadly shot and could take it hard to the hole! Good team!

  3. jimmyvac says:

    John was always a blast. Playing with Jimmy, you learned how to play the game the right way. Great shooter and passer… Never played ball with Steven but hear alot a good things..Back then, a schoolyard player was a guy who knew hoe to play and adapt to the team he was on..now it means you’re a ballhog…
    Cuz, Fin-Sanity may be the new name of this blog!!!!

  4. jim casey says:

    the first Mr. Schoolyard, (Fr.) John Vesey, led many 3 on 3 teams that spent a lot of time on the court with successive wins.he even could win with me as one of his teammates. Tommy (Tex) Cummins also was a force in 3 on 3 with his inside-outside game.
    The Trapp Brothers could take a lot of possibilities for a 3rd and stay on the court for a long time

  5. Jack Kelly says:

    With no disrespect to anyone mentioned above but to be honest I would put the threesome of Louis Fienberg and the brothers Moses and Jerome Horwitz against anyone 😉

  6. jim casey says:

    that’s Bobby and Gerard Trapp–sorry Mike and Richie

  7. Glenn Thomas says:

    Hey Jackie…Leave those PS 10 schoolyard guys out of this!!! LOL

  8. jimmyvac says:

    Wasn’t Jerome Horiwitz played by Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues?
    In like Finn, Seven Deadly Fins, and … that’s all I got… Three on Three..
    Bobby. Gerald, and Jimmy against anyone I have seen past and present..

  9. Jack Kelly says:

    Come on guys, Moe, Larry and Curley can beat any threesome!

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