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When I was 13 years old I played Seven Minutes in Heaven for the very first time.

I was paired up with a girl I will never forget.

Her kiss was memorable.

Seven Minutes in Heaven is a kissing game that turns into a  make-out game.  You hook up with someone from the opposite sex, do the 23 skidoo to a secluded area and kiss…for seven minutes.

On a cool Friday night in September, there was a bunch of us hanging out on the corner of Windsor Place between Howard and Fuller Place.  You know, a chill in the air where you need a light jacket and mother nature is reminding you summer is over.

It was around 9:30.  I’m not sure how the two of us matched-up but before I knew it, we were both walking away slowly from our friends, holding hands, towards Fuller Place. My cousins lived at 29 Fuller, I was hoping they would not see me with her.

We stopped in front of a random house and she made her way up the stoop then down the basement stairs. I watched her walk in front of me. She had white pants on.

As she took a seat on the cold concrete steps I followed behind her and sat across from her.

Out of nowhere, I heard a voice shout, “GO!”


Go where?

Her scent was intoxicating. The only perfume I had ever whiffed was my mom’s. In the past, I’d only been this close to a girl when my sister and I would play King of the Mountain on our bunk beds.

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close. She gazed at me, removed a piece of gum from her mouth and lunged forward. Our lips locked. Her tongue found her way into my mouth and she moved it around like a snake. My arms stayed by my side.

And yes, my knees were weak.

I opened my eyes. Was I supposed to do that or keep them shut?

It was weird.

Her eyes were closed, she had clearly done this before.

I was clueless.

There was no “google” to learn how to kiss.

No “Kissing for Dummies” book available at the 6th avenue library and you didn’t talk to anyone on “how to kiss a girl.”

After the game, it was clear she had won; She overwhelmed me.

“You’re a good kisser,” she said to me as we walked back to where a few of our friends had gathered.

Most of us stood there in silence. I was speechless.

Walking home on cloud nine I figured my mother was going to yell at me for being so late.

I’m a good kisser I thought to myself. I kept saying it over and over all the way home.

No one had ever told me I was good at anything.

I had a hard time sleeping that night; all I could think of was that girl who I kissed for the very first time; she was the only thing on my mind.

While lying on my back on my bed, somewhere around midnight and staring up at the ceiling, I kept repeating her words…out loud.

“Whad ya say?” my mom asked as he walked by my bed.

“Nothin’.” I answered.

A few nights later we played Seven Minutes in Heaven again.

This time she was paired up with a different kid. After each seven minute segment, I hoped and prayed  I’d get paired with her, but this one night it just wasn’t happening.  I wanted the night to end; I was facing my first feelings of jealousy.

She was beautiful. A lot of guys from the neighborhood liked her.  In school I would see her at recess in the schoolyard standing around with her female friends talking. When I would get sent to the principal’s office, I’d peek through the door of her classroom.

One afternoon playing slap ball in the girls schoolyard, a buddy of mine informed me she “liked me.”

When I heard that my self-esteem went through the roof. I felt like a million dollars.

A few nights later we were hanging out in our usual spot.  Someone in our group shouted:

“Let’s play Seven Minutes.”

I was like, “Damn!”

I watched one couple pair off and head down Fuller and duck behind two parked cars. They quickly disappeared. She looked at me and said,


Turning red in the face and feeling nervous,  I gave a hesitant, “Yeah.”

Once again I was going to spend a few minutes with this pretty girl who was on my mind day and night.

There was no selection process this time. It wasn’t like ‘Spin the Bottle’.

No sir, she looked at me and grabbed my hand.

You would have thought after breaking the ice with her just a few nights ago that I would be ready?

Not a chance.

We walked a few yards down Fuller. I was shaking like a leaf.  Standing in front of the same exact house where we kissed the other night she reached for my hand and led me down the basement stairs.

She moved forward and pressed her lips against mine.

I knew the drill.

Opening my eyes, I was surprised to see hers already open.

Her eyes were gorgeous.

She cracked a smile, then laughed.

This girl was incredible.

She had an intoxicating personality.

She took  spending seven minutes in heaven to a new level.

I felt so good with her. I didn’t want the seven minutes to end.

By the way, who was keeping time?