I came across a story about a Little League baseball player that has been hit with a lawsuit.

It seems the 11 year-old boy was warming up in the bullpen with a teammate and one of his throws got away from him and hit a lady that was sitting nearby.

Click this link to read the full story.

Elizabeth Lloyd, of Manchester, is reportedly seeking $500,000 in damages after she was hit by a ball thrown by Matthew Migliaccio, now 13, in May 2010.

“It wasn’t a hard throw, it was just a lob back to the pitcher and I guess it went about 10 feet over his head,” Migliaccio told GMA of the incident.

Lloyd was struck in the face by the ball.

Migliaccio told GMA he went over to her immediately.

“I went over to see if she was okay, and she said that she was fine and not to worry about it,” Migliaccio said.



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9 Responses to WILD PITCH

  1. Karen Artz Shanley says:

    Really? Assumption of Risk. You sit at a ball field and accidents happen. There was no intent or malice on the part of this poor kid to cause harm to anyone. He was just playing ball. Now his parents will be stuck with all kinds of legal bills just to defend this nonsense. What a shame.

    • hoopscoach says:

      I think my mom was hit by a ball one time. It might have been Diane DiTonna involved; memory fails me on this one.

      But I agree Karen, pretty lame if you ask me.

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    One heck of a society we live in. Then again she may be banking on this kid becomming a major league ballplayer someday. But if his throw was 10 feet over the other kid’s head perhaps she should re-think her logic and settle for his I-pod instead.

  3. David Cullen says:

    Is this person digging for gold or are they digging for gold? VERY lame. Sounds like the only medical bills she might rack up would be in a psychiatrist’s office for being a pathological liar or hypochondriac.

  4. Kevin Mahoney says:

    There was a big write up on this in my local paper, The Asbury Park Press. The father and mother of the kid being sued were very involved in the local little league prior to the incident, but have now stepped back from volunteering. They’re not happy with the league’s failure to back the kid up, and issue a statement offering him support. I’m sure the league’s attorneys are trying to limit their liability in the whole thing as well. Luckily, the kid still plays ball.

  5. Willy Wickham says:

    It’s the times we live in. That woman probably went home,told the story, and the first words out of the listeners mouth were, “And you’re not suing?”.

  6. jimmyvac says:

    Someone should hit her again in the head with a throw and knock some freakin sense in her… it’s bad enough the insurance premiums to insure the players .. now to have to insure specatators? Ridiculous.. The league is gutless not making a statement about risk of being a spectator at a sporting event as Karen stated.. .

  7. Glenn Thomas says:

    That’s why they have protective fencing around these fields so parents can be out of harm’s way. Ignorance is no defense. I’m sorry that the lady was hit but it was not intentional and the boy apologized which is all he could do.
    This lady is obviously looking for a payday and we live in a very litigous(spelling?) society. Hopefully a common sensical judge will throw it out but with today’s judges it is not a lock.

  8. Don C says:

    I read somewhere that this is not malicious but the woman did have serious injuries and was only doing this to get Insurance to pay for her large medical bills. Not sure if true or not

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