As a kid, do you remember the last day of school?

Do you recall singing the hit song written and performed by Alice Cooper, ‘School’s Out‘?

School’s out for summer… School’s out forever… School’s been blown to pieces.

Well blown to pieces is a bit extreme.

I heard that today is the last official day of school at Holy Name.

I mean really the last day.

They are changing the name to St Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy in September!

A lot of people who visit the blog attended HNS as kids. We all have some sort of memory or two inside of us whether positive or negative.

I’m sure there’s a good reason behind this move as they merge with I.H.M (Boy that will make for a really good CYO boys basketball team).

One good thing is the church name is staying the same.

Raise your glass in honor of the one of the best catholic schools ever!

Have a drink with me and think back to some of your fun times at H.N.

A toast, to everyone who attended the grammar school at 241 Prospect Park West, Holy Name of Jesus.


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  1. TonyF16thst says:

    Heres to the best catholic Scool ever Salude!

  2. Gene Green says:

    Cheers Class of 67. What I think we will see is not only the individuals but the families that have gone through HNS. The Conways have at least 3 generations and I am sure that there are 4 or more generations in some families. That is something that speaks well of the Neighborhood and the School.

  3. Steve McLaughlin says:

    Here’s to the nuns, brothers, lay teachers & administrators that left a positive, lasting impression on this kid from Windsor Place!
    I spent all 8 years there (1963 – 1971) – no better education!

  4. John Langton says:

    Cheers Class of ’74! My family moved after I finished 7th grade, so I missed out on graduating with my class. Always a regret! Thanks for the memories, Holy Name!

  5. jim casey says:

    also had 7 1/2 (the days of the feb semester) great years–in the class and on the court–’52-’59

  6. Brooklynati64 says:

    Brother Thomas was the best!

  7. Gladys Mastrion says:

    Class of 62. Third generation. After the original school burnt down, my Great-grandmother bought bricks at mass on Sundays to build the new school.

  8. Jack Kelly says:

    I didn’t go to the school. I went to St. John The Evangelist on 21st street but I’ve been to so many functions and events sometimes I think I went to Holy Name also. In fact I find myself looking for my name (saying to myself maybe this is my year) when I recieve the Holy Name Foundation Dinner invitation until I realize I didn’t go to the school. Before I end this I would just like to say that the best thing this boy from St. John’s found out about Holy Name and I might add I will always be grateful for was the people I have met who went to the school. I have never met more finer and decent people.

  9. H.Mills says:

    “Holy Name” —- Can’t find two better words !

  10. Willy Wickham says:

    Class of ’61!!!!!
    Coach, I’m sending the class picture if you want to use it.

  11. Ellen Garland says:

    It isn’t til one is out into the business world that one realizes the true value of their Holy Name education. Kudos the the Sisters of St. Joseph for surviving all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Class of 1971

  12. G Trapp says:

    Thanks to all my/our teachers for all they did for me/us, class of ’69, Sister Stella Marion(prettiest of them all), Sister Mary Cosmos, Mrs. Lynch (my favorite), Mr. Cullen(I never missed a day), Bro. Romanus(had his favorites of which I wasn’t one), Bro. Servulus(tough teacher, remember sweating as he was coming down the isle checking english homework, , Bro.Simon/Bro. Blane, and lastly Bro. Duane (even still after that beaten you gave me going up and down the hallway outside our 8th grade classes). Great life long memories and lessons!

  13. jimmyvac says:

    Class of 1974.. favorite teacher Mr. McNally … I was the second generation of three that attended Holy Name.. I think even with the name change, oldtimers like us are gonna call it Holy Name….

  14. John Langton says:

    Quick! Somebody grab the sign up front!!!

  15. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    class of ’66- the only school I ever graduated from…

    • Gene Green says:

      Maureen you are not alone. I was asked to leave B’Klyn and then dropped out of Jay. I did get a GED and am doing quite well without the Formal education. I think back and still use lessons from Holy Name and my time in theNavy.

  16. TomFields says:

    Sr. Mary Leonella? 1st
    Sr Mary Dismas 2
    Mrs. Lynch and Ms Lynn 3
    Ms Lynn and Ms Moro? 4
    Br Blaine, Mr Sticco 5
    Br Baylon, Mooney McNally 6
    Br Vincent DePaul Br Simon 7
    Br John of the Cross, Br Michael McCarthy 8
    class of 1970

  17. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    lol, Gene- I also was “asked to leave” St Savior, went to Jay for 3 days and that was the end of my formal education- I do have a GED, and have managed to get along in life- I know you can always go back, but frankly, have not felt the need- I am pretty well read and that helps me maintain conversation with others..

  18. Eddie Matula says:

    Class of ’85, I was in Holy Name from 1976-1985, K-8th Grade. 3rd generation as my grandparents (the Rohde’s ),mom, aunt and uncle’s ( Al Rodhe, Dotsie Rohde, Cathy Rohde and Charlie”Chubby” Hopkins ) went there as well. My dad was from St.John’s on 21st street. The borough of churches always evolving………Good luck to the kids at the new combined school !!!!!!

  19. Gloria Cunningham Kreth says:

    Gloria Cunningham Kreth
    class of 1970
    The last Holy Name graduation June 15 was bittersweet. Former graduates stood down the aisle as an honor guard for the class of 2012. I was there with my youngest daughter who graduated in 2003. There were 20 boys and girls in the class. The finest principal Joan Caccamo ( I believe she was the only student to become principal) gave a wonderful speech.
    The graduation pictures that were on the wall are being placed in Shepherd/Fr.Farrell hall. The spirit will never leave those halls. There a few teachers that attended HN that will be back in September to teach the future of Brooklyn. I am the Director of Religion and can not believe how lucky I get to go there everyday.

    • hoopscoach says:


      Thanks so much!

      Class of 78 here. I believe our class photo is the on that wall!

      Hope all is well and thanks for stopping!

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