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10 Responses to AND OF THE SON…

  1. jim casey says:

    memories of an altar boy for Bishop Boardman
    thanks for the pic

    • hoopscoach says:

      Would love to write an essay about being an altar boy at HNS…but I was never able to make the grade.

  2. bob terry says:

    What a great picture. I have many memories of Holy Name Church. I was an altar boy. That picture was Pre-Ecumenical Council II, before the priest faced the congregation. We all had to know the prayers in Latin. Thanks for the memory.

  3. jimmyvac says:

    I never served mass for Holy Name but I did serve at Cathedral and for Bishop Mugavaro, who served a great breakfast spread afterwards…..

  4. TonyF16thst says:

    I was fortunate to have gotten married there when it was still like that 1976.
    got a lot of great pictures and memories.
    For some reason that shot reminds me of I think Thursday night Novenas?
    Going to Holy Name it seemed like we spent so much time in the church wether it was upstairs or down, really good times. My kids went to public school on Staten Island but I wonder if the Catholic Schools today put as much emphisis on the sacraments as when we were kids.

  5. jimmyvac says:

    It is amazing how generations of families were baptized, had their communion and confirmation, weddings , and funerals there. I know at least three generations of my family has been there.

  6. Donna says:

    Donna H


    I was also fortunate to have gotten married there when it was still like that 1977.

  7. Kenny Whelan says:

    I was an alter boy for 4 years. I think my mother wanted me to be a priest !!
    We use to hit the kids we knew in the throat with the tool we used to “catch” the host when they were receiving communion.

  8. jim casey says:

    that tool is called a paten

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