The good people of Holy Name will be looking to establish the “Forte Bellino Holy Name Scholarship

Forte passed away 2 years ago from a heart attack.

Click this link for a blog entry I wrote about Forte.

“B”, as he was known to everyone coached basketball at Holy Name back in the day and was one of the best people to come out of the neighborhood.

After inspiring and teaching the game to many young local basketball players at H.N., he moved just a few short blocks to Bishop Ford High School where he became a teacher and basketball coach for a very long time.

There will be a cocktail party on Saturday June 2 from 3PM – 6PM at Sheppard Hall.

Details on the plan for the scholarship will be discussed.

Here’s yet another blog entry I published on Forte.

For more information contact Gerard Trapp:

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3 Responses to FORTE BELLINO

  1. Dan Leary says:

    Cant believe its been 2 years already. Have great memories of hanging out with him and Danny on Saturday mornings up at Ford. Probably learned more about hoops hanging with those 2 guys than in alll the years of practice anywhere. Its really not the same going to Ford games or functions without hearing ” Whats up son?” I miss him.

  2. G Trapp says:

    to give you an idea on how we plan to raise funds and honor our friend Forte Bellino with what I think may be the 1st Holy Name Scholarship (correct me if I’m wrong). On the low end, if we can get 25 of Fortes friends to commit $100. a year for 8 years we’ll be able to award a $2500.00 scholarship to a family in need for the 8 yrs. (currently we have 8 friends who have pledged $100.00 of which one pledged $250. for the 8 yrs) On the high end, we may do better and hopefully will, tuition is somewhere around $4500. a yr these days, we’ll know more with the turnout we get June 2nd. The $100. number is flexible, if someone wants to participate with less or more they will be welcome to.

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