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16 Responses to THE OLD SCHOOLYARD

  1. John Langton says:

    I remember it being a lot bigger!

  2. jimmy vac says:

    i was over there Saturday walking to the Hardware Store. Some kids were playing hoops and one of the hoops had a net… had to stop, watch, and reemember…..and as John said it seemed to have shrunk…

  3. hchoops says:

    home sweet home

  4. Brooklynati64 says:

    Lot’s of memories there.

  5. Jack Kelly says:

    PS 10’s schoolyard definitely got smaller. Along with some of my shirts.

  6. hchoops says:

    remember getting there too late on a saturday morning–all 6 hoops taken by the “big guys”–danny mills, billy anton,etc–had to play on the trash can or the space between the 2 fences, until john vesey allowed me on his “next” team

    • hoopscoach says:

      That “space between the 2 fences” you speak of?

      TAPS! We played taps when waiting to take the court…

  7. hchoops says:

    in those days–mid-late 50s–there was a gate that when pulled back created a narrow space between it and the fence–served as a poor man’s hoop while we waited for a real one
    also played taps

  8. jimmy vac says:

    It’s amazing what you think of at times.. I was looking at the tree in back of the mid court hoop. I remember people climbimg the tree to watch a game..we had good sized crowds at games…
    As a player, it was as exciting as playing in any big tournament.

  9. jimmy vac says:

    One of my most embarassing moments on a basketball court was from a corner shot. We were playing St. Agnes in Manhattan and they had a track over the court that overlapped the corners. During warnups, I was careful to gauge where the track was.. Game starts, I win the tap, run to the corner and i get a pass in the corner , take a wide open jumper, and the ball comes flying back at me so quick , I barelly ducked out of the way. My coach just looked at me , rolled his eyes and started laughing …. hje usually gave me a ride home and never stopped ragging me…

    • hoopscoach says:

      The worst part of that story:

      You’re jumping center and running to the corner to hoist up a jump shot?

      To start the game?

      First possession?

      You need to be in the post!

      • jim casey says:

        same exact thing happened to one of my players, dennis walsh, who was late and missed the warm-ups at that st agnes park dept gym–only when he shot it to the track, the ball did come right back on his head–hysterical

  10. jimmy vac says:

    When a team played a man to man defense.. I would start in the corner because I had a decent mid range jumper nad work my way in. Against a zone, I would be on the foul line and work my way in. The reason was we were smaller than aloth of the other teams so we would spread them out and have a lot of ball movement. I have a decent foul line jumper to this day but don’t ask me to take a corner shot Brick city.
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS PRESENT AND PAST. Windsor Place had and has some of the great moms of all time. Mrs. Artz, Mrs. Davis (both),Mrs. Plantamura, Chiles, Mrs. Horan (both),Mrs. Day, Mrs. Duffy, Mrs.Hosell, myc cousins Geraldine and Christine, my cousin Hean Thomas of Sherman Street (Glenn,Drew,Laura Jean, and Allison’s mom) and my own Mom and Aunt Catherine (and whomever I missed)… And a Happy Mothers Day to all the Container Diaries Moms including my bride of 30 years, Doreen…..

  11. jimmyvac says:

    Barely got out of the way in time.. did throw a full court pass one time and bounced off the back of someone’s head…. our gym at Cathedral had padded pillars on the court and I saw more than one guy run into it and splat on the floor like a Warner’s Brothers cartoon…

  12. sal capatasto...capo says:

    played a lot of hoops in that school yard, guys like joe santos,tommy ryan, willy hugoen, timmy cain.. good times. glad I found this blog… im trying to get in contact with tommy ryan. hope you can pass this along thanks capo….

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