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In honor of the Nets moving to Brooklyn, I am in the process of putting together a list of the Top 25 basketball players of all-time from Brooklyn.

Before you start coming up with names, here’s the criteria:

The player had to either live in Brooklyn and/or play high school basketball in Brooklyn (for 2 years).

If you were born in Brooklyn and moved away like Michael Jordan and Carmelo Anthony, you are not eligible.

If a player lived in Brooklyn and attended high school outside of Brooklyn, that is fine. If the player lived in the other 4 boroughs and attended high school in Brooklyn, that too is acceptable.

The top 25 list will be based on their overall career. Not just what they did in grammar school, AAU, high school or the schoolyards. I’m not looking for a guy who was a park legend. We’ll leave that to Slam Magazine.

We’re looking for the top players over the long haul from the greatest city in the world!

Feel free to suggest/nominate anyone you like.