I have taken rides on a lot of busses around the city.

My mother started us very young; seemed like everywhere I was going MTA was the reliable way to go.

The 75 and 68 were probably the two most popular for me.

I came across a story on Michael Buscemi, brother of Steve, who has filmed a short movie about the ‘B61’. Click here for the Daily News review.

In his 14-minute film, long waits for the no-show bus give Vincent, the depressed middle-aged character Buscemi plays, time to make friends with a neighbor, Sal, played by actor Francesco Saviano.

“When you’re waiting for a bus or train, you have the opportunity to meet someone,” said Buscemi, who lives in the nabe and regularly rides the B61.

“The whole dynamic is so interesting.”

Vincent is as exasperated by the B61 — one of the city’s slowest, most crowded buses — as real-life riders.

I only took the 61 once; I went down to Visitation to play in a basketball game.

The bus sucked so much, we walked over to Smith and 9th and took the train home.




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18 Responses to HOP ON THE BUS, GUS

  1. Jack Kelly says:

    I never look at the schedule , I just look for and wait for the bus. And when I get on it’s directly to my favorite seat- the one in the back by a window.

    • hoopscoach says:

      That back window seat was the best…

      I remember tugging on the rope to ring the bell to annoy people. The bus driver would always yell at me.

    • Gene Green says:

      I never knew there was a schedule for the busses until the last couple of Years when I would come back for a visit and saw that one was posted. To me, just like the subway, you wait and sooner or later the train or bus would come by. I was up at Farrells for St. Pats day and stayed at the new Comfort Inn in red hook. I took the B61 up to the avenue before all the postings started. The ride was nice and I don’t know if it was on schedule or not :-). Took a cab back to the place because I had trouble seeing busses LOL.

      • hoopscoach says:


        How’s the Comfort Inn? Worth a shot?

      • Gene Green says:

        Comfort Inn was around $85.00. Clean New and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a reasonable place. Cab fare from Farrells was 8 bucks. When I go to NY I normally stay in Jersey if dealing with work in the City. Red Hook is a much better option.

      • hoopscoach says:

        Is it within walking distance of the 9th Street Bridge…?

  2. TonyF16thSt says:

    Took the 68 from 10th Ave to Brighton Beach for 2 and a half years of high school.Then drove the other 1 and a half years. I got to say the 68 was mostly always on time and I always got a seat because of where I got on. And your right Jack there was something about sitting in the back of the bus buy the window.

  3. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    The B61 has replaced the B75 in the neighborhood- it takes seniors twice as long to get downtown now, it goes all through Red Hook- well, actually, takes everybody twice as long, lol, but I know the elderly that still like to go downtown to Macy’s take the bus, ’cause they cannot manage the subway steps- I gotta say, when I left my bag with $2300 on the B61- the driver turned it right in, so I will not badmouth the line- would like to see this, have you seen Tree’s Lounge, written, directed and starring Steve Buscemi?? interesting movie.

  4. moe maloney says:

    the b 61 stops outside rocky sullivans and sat night pete hamill will speaks @ 730 so hope on the bus

  5. hoopscoach says:

    Maureen, I think Duffer is tight with Steve Buscemi. If not tight, I do know they are friends.

  6. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    Steve B was FDNY for about 5 years- he worked on The Pile with little fanfare- I see him every now and then walking on 7th Ave with his baseball cap- he is one of the most interesting actors out there!

  7. jimmy vac says:

    Buscemi is right about making friends at the bus.. see many of the same people every day and shoot the bull…. Steve is a great actor but I admire him
    for being a former fireman and working on the Pile.. standup guy…

  8. hchoops says:

    took the b33 to brooklyn prep and to ebbets field
    in fact i watched ebbets being torn down my freshman year at the prep
    still in therapy

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