Neighborhood native, Jimmy Rallis says the music being played in Prospect Park, across the street from his apartment is way too loud.  The former Fuller Place resident thinks something should be done.

I agree.

Jimmy’s right, there should be a meeting with the residents to discuss this matter.

Click here to read the report and to see the video interview via WPIX



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10 Responses to KEEP IT DOWN!

  1. Jim Rallis says:

    Red, Thanks for the attention your blog brings!! You helped bring back respect on the flag issue and I hope more attention comes to put pressure on the unhelpful politicians who are ignoring us on this issue.
    What I have found and am accusing our politicians Marty Markowitz and Brad Lander and above all our Public Advocate of a Conflict of Interest. Whether legally or ethically they all serve on The Board of Directors of the Prospect Park Alliance, how can they serve in that capacity for an organization that accepts private donations for the Parks Dept. and then serve the public fairly as our watchdog over these agencies in the job we elected them for.

    • hoopscoach says:


      Not a problem – always willing to help.

      Back in the late 80’s to early 90’s, living on PPSW down by Windsor and 16th street I recall those parties in the park brought on other problems too.

      Good luck in your fight!

  2. JOHNNY SEILER says:

    steve sorry about spelling i had 2 mini strokes sometimes i a little mixed up!!!!

  3. Sal G. says:

    Three years ago…..”Hey keep that music down!” I can’t hear Joey Corrar and Sweat having an argument outside on the circle!! Nah its too loud out there! Rallis is right!

  4. noe maloney says:

    as the tech director of celebrate brooklyn the first five years i can tell you the audio i 50 times greater then when we started the show in the 80’s the producer is a local man and was our intern back then these show s are large in scale and a great place to enjoy a show but when the wind blows right you can hear it in the neighborhood just ask mrs odea who reminds me it is all my fault moe maloney

  5. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    I can sit on my sister’s stoop on Terrace Place between 17th and 18th and hear the show- I often thought that must be annoying for those closer to the park!

  6. if you dont like the music i would say so maureen but i love music the louder the better

  7. Maureen Rice (Flanagan) says:

    oh, I LOVE music- I am always up front at a show, and I go to a LOT of shows- however, that is my choice- I am aware everyone does not like it, or for various reasons (sick kid, need to sleep) does not want to hear it- I really don’t see the need to hear the music on 17th St!

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