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I never go too long to find inspiration for a blog entry.

A topic can come from an e-mail, a phone call, a newspaper article or a memory that just pops inside my dome.

Maybe I’m listening to my i-pod and a song from back in the day comes on or I can be looking through some old Kodak pictures in a photo album.

On the strength, Social media has taken over. I love Facebook and Twitter; I’m all over it. So getting in touch with friends from back in the day has become rather simple.

Think about this, have you every wondered about people you haven’t seen in 20, 25 or even 30 years?

At 9 a.m. this past Sunday on Facebook, while reading a friend’s post, I saw Suzann Bassil respond to the post. (If you’re not familiar with how Facebook operates, you need to check it out)

Suzann and I lived on the same block as kids. I lived at 665 10th street between 8th avenue and the Park.

I believe Suzann had two brothers, George and Joey. The Bassil’s lived closer to 8th avenue. I recall hanging out in front of their house often. That’s all I remember though, I moved from 10th street when I was 5.

In my 20’s, I would see her on 7th avenue every now and then but I never said anything to her. During my short tenure at John Jay as a teenager, I might have seen her in the hallway a few times.

Her one brother George is a cool dude, we’d hang out by Pino’s Pizza in the summer time and rap about the good old days.

I’m not sure why I didn’t nurture my friendship with Suzann. She had a bubbly personality, she was very outgoing and most of all, she was beautiful.

As teenagers you hung out with your friends from your neighborhood. Down on 7th avenue there was a huge group of guys and girls that probably attended St. Saviour’s.  The guys were good people, I knew a few of them but I was never really that close with them. The girls were also very cool. I recall seeing a few of them hanging outside John Jay or by the public school on 1st street.  It wasn’t until my 20’s did I become friends with some of them through what else? Sports.

To this day, when I look back at my days as a teen, I wish I had been friends with the “7th avenue” crew. But how could I? We’d compete with them in baseball, basketball and of course that ‘macho-bullshit’ of being a tough guy. Who was cooler? Who was tougher? You know, typical teenage stuff. (See the movie, ‘The Outsiders’.)

Chalk it up to my ignorance…A trait I excelled at as a teen.

Thanks to Facebook though, it’s not too late because somewhere out there those same kids that hung out on 7th avenue are lurking. And I’m glad I have re-connected with Suzann. Hey, take it easy, it’s just conversation on Facebook, that’s all.